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Graduate Certificate in Linguistics

A single graduate degree offered by the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Minimum 24 Units
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This program focuses on the nature and structure of language. It is undertaken by students with little or no background in linguistics but who are interested in description and explanation of particular languages or of human linguistic capabilities in general.

The Graduate Certificate of Linguistics can be taken as a preparatory program for the Master of Linguistics or the Master of Applied Linguistics for those students who have little or no background in linguistics or applied linguistics.

Career Options

ANU provides you with more choice for your entrance score by offering the new Flexible Double Degree program.

The ANU Flexible Double Degree lets you build skills for your chosen career without forfeiting your passion.  It's your choice to build a double degree partnership that suits your head and your heart.

If you are interested in starting your studies in 2015, please look at the 2015 programs on offer . Otherwise, this program is available for applications until spring session, 2014


Applicants should have a three year Bachelors degree from an Australian tertiary institution or its international equivalent. Applicants without a first degree, but with relevant professional experience and appropriate prior learning, will be eligible for admission into the Graduate Certificate in Linguistics. Overseas candidates from non-English speaking backgrounds are required to demonstrate that they meet the University's minimum English language requirements.

Domestic Tuition Fees (DTF)

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Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Linguistics requires the completion of 24 units.

The 24 units must include:

A minimum of 6 units from the completion of Core courses.

LING6001 - Introduction to the Study of Language

LING6020 - The Structure of English

LING8025 - Tools and Resources for Language Analysis

A maximum of 18 units from the completion of Elective courses.

ASIA6001 - Language in Asia

LANG6103 - Acquiring Pragmatics of a Second Language

LING6002 - Language and Society

LING6003 - Introduction to Syntax

LING6008 - Semantics

LING6010 - Phonetics: Sounds of the World's Languages

LING6015 - Language, Culture and Translation

LING6016 - Language in Indigenous Australian Society

LING6021 - Cross Cultural Communication

LING6022 - Language Policy and Language Politics

LING6023 - Dictionaries and Dictionary-Making

LING6105 - Language and the law: introduction to forensic linguistics

LING6311 - Language and Social Interaction

LING6529 - The History of the English Language

PASI6020 - An introduction to Languages of the Pacific

Students who have completed the compulsory/core course(s) in another ANU award are exempt from this requirement and will take alternative course(s) from the program in their place.

Study Options

Year 1 Core course 6 units Core course 6 units Elective course 6 units Elective course 6 units
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