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Australian National University

single degree

Master of Law, Governance and Development

A single one year graduate degree offered by the Law School

  • Length 1 years full-time
  • Minimum 48 Units
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Law, Governance and Development is a specialisation that considers the role of law in a development context. It examines international and national legal perspectives on issues of governance and development and includes a focus on current case studies in the Asia Pacific region.

Courses look at regions such as the South Pacific, Southeast Asia and East Asia and highly topical issues such as climate change and displacement, law, order and State-building, human rights, humanitarian and refugee law and anti-corruption are covered.

Admission Requirements


Applicants must hold at least a three-year Australian Bachelors degree or equivalent with a PASS level GPA.

Applicants with relevant experience but who do not hold a bachelors degree may be considered for entry, however there are additional entry requirements. For further details please contact the Postgraduate Administrator.

Program Requirements

The Master of Law, Governance & Development (7317XLGD) requires the completion of 48 units, which must consist of:

6 units of the following compulsory course:

LAWS8001 Introduction to Law, Governance & Development        

A minimum of 30 units from the following courses:

LAWS8006 Law & Development in the Contemporary South Pacific          

LAWS8008 Climate Change & Displacement           

LAWS8009 Transnational Anti-Corruption Law

LAWS8010 Environmental Protection and Human Rights

LAWS8019 Special Topics in International Security Law: Post Conflict Situations in International Law

LAWS8028 Special Topics in Law, Governance & Development: Energy Governance Policy & Regulation in the Asia-Pacific

LAWS8032 International Financial Institutions & Development    

LAWS8042 Special Topics in Law, Governance & Development: Operationalising Treaties

LAWS8067 Special Topics in Law, Governance & Development:  Courts, Justice & Development

LAWS8069 Law & Society in South Asia      

LAWS8071 Law & Governance in sub-Saharan Africa        

LAWS8182 Principles of International Law

LAWS8229 International Law of World Trade

LAWS8309 Graduate Research Unit (Law, Governance & Development) (12)

LAWS8312 Land, Law & Development in Asia         

ANTH8032 Law, Order and Conflict in the Pacific

INTR8045 Global Governance

A maximum of 12 units from the following courses:

LAWS6258 International Organisations: Geneva

LAWS8003 Transnational Business and Human Rights

LAWS8010 Environmental Protection and Human Rights

LAWS8012 Australian Disaster Law

LAWS8015 Fundamentals of Governmental and Commercial Law

LAWS8017 Telecommunications Law

LAWS8019 Maritime Security Law

LAWS8019 Special Topics in International Security Law: Maritime Security Law

LAWS8023 International Law & UN Peacekeeping Operations

LAWS8029 Economic and Social Rights

LAWS8033 Prisons, Prisoners & the Law

LAWS8034 Law & Regulation           

LAWS8035 Special Topics in International Security Law: Cyber Warfare Law

LAWS8037 Sustainable Energy Law

LAWS8061 Special Topics in Environmental Law 1

LAWS8066 Special Topics in International Security Law: Intersection of Humanitarian Law & Human Rights Law

LAWS8068 Australian Aviation Law

LAWS8070 Sports Law         

LAWS8072 Statutory Interpretation

LAWS8073 Trade Remedies Law: WTO & Domestic Implementation

LAWS8104 Legislation and Legislative Drafting        

LAWS8110 Corporate Environmental Responsibility

LAWS8111 Environmental Regulation          

LAWS8116 Dispute Management

LAWS8117 Commonwealth Environmental Law      

LAWS8122 Special Topics in International Law: Current Issues in the International Law of the Sea

LAWS8122 Special Topics in International Law: International Child Law

LAWS8123 Water Resources Law

LAWS8125 Law of Corporate Governance

LAWS8128 Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law       

LAWS8129 Marine & Coastal Law

LAWS8136 International Intellectual Property Law

LAWS8140 Commercial Law

LAWS8141 Judicial Review of Government Action

LAWS8142 Tort Liability and Public Authorities

LAWS8145 Environmental & Risk Assessment Law

LAWS8146 Environmental Land Use Planning Law

LAWS8147 Special Topics in Government & Commercial Law: Business and Law in China

LAWS8148 Special Topics in Law

LAWS8149 Themes in Administrative Law

LAWS8153 Introduction to Legal Reasoning and Research

LAWS8154 Competition Law            

LAWS8155 Human Rights Litigation

LAWS8156 Commonwealth Compensation Law      

LAWS8157 Special Topics in Legal Practice: Negotiation

LAWS8171 Kyoto Seminar: Japanese Law in the Global Era

LAWS8172 Media and Communications Law

LAWS8173 Pollution Law

LAWS8174 Investigations, Inquiries and Inquisitorial Processes

LAWS8178 International Law & Use of Force

LAWS8179 International Security Law

LAWS8180 International Climate Law

LAWS8181 Australian Climate Law

LAWS8183 Advanced Principles of International Law

LAWS8184 The Law of International Institutions

LAWS8185 Forestry Law

LAWS8186 Site Contamination Law

LAWS8187 Environmental Litigation

LAWS8188 Environmental Markets

LAWS8189 Fundamentals of Environmental Law

LAWS8209 Government Corporations

LAWS8218 Advanced Contracts      

LAWS8220 Government Contracts  

LAWS8228 Law & Economics          

LAWS8234 International Human Rights Law

LAWS8236 Tribunals and Government

LAWS8237 Health Law & Bioethics in a Global Context

LAWS8240 Australian Human Rights & Discrimination Law

LAWS8241 Executive Power            

LAWS8243 Freedom of Information and Privacy

LAWS8246 High Court of Australia

LAWS8252 International Refugee Law

LAWS8253 Law of the Sea   

LAWS8264 International Law of the Environment

LAWS8268 International Humanitarian Law

LAWS8271 Contemporary Issues in Administration Law

LAWS8277 International Business Transactions

LAWS8278 Environmental Dispute Management    

LAWS8280 Biodiversity Law & Policy           

LAWS8290 Special Topics in International Law 2: Advanced International Criminal Law

LAWS8291 Special Topics in Environmental Law

LAWS8296 Special Topics in International Law 3: Space Law

LAWS8297 International Law & Australian Government

LAWS8298 Commercial Equity        

LAWS8311 Occupational Health & Safety Law

LAWS8522 Public Sector Employment Law            

LAWS8566 International Criminal Law

LAWS8567 International Dispute Resolution

LAWS8570 The Legal Framework of Regulation

Elective Study

Once you have met the program requirements of your degree, you may have enough electives to complete an additional elective major,  minor or specialisation.

Indicative Fees

Annual indicative fee for international students


ANU offers a wide range of scholarships to current and future students to assist with the cost of their studies. The University is committed to enabling all students, regardless of their background, to achieve their best at ANU and realise their potential. 

Eligibility for ANU scholarships varies depending on the specifics of the scholarship and can be categorised by the type of student you are.  Specific scholarship application process information is included in the relevant scholarship listing.

For further information see the Scholarships website.

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