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single degree

Associate Degree

A single two year undergraduate degree offered by the ANU Wide

  • Length 2 years full-time
  • Minimum 96 Units

The Associate Degree is a sub-degree program providing supported study for students to bring them to a level where they could successfully undertake Bachelor Degree study at ANU within two years.

The ANU Associate Degree pathway acknowledges that there are many reasons why a student may not be ready to undertake Bachelor degree level study, but still have potential for university studies, many of which may have been because of past circumstances that are often beyond their control.

The Associate Degree allows entry of these students to study ANU courses, but with a parallel, co-requisite, course providing bridging, support, academic skills, a slower paced delivery and individual guidance to each student, so that their study experience is more likely to be successful. The full-time load for each student will be two ANU courses, and two support courses, for three semesters of study. In the final semester of study, successful students will undertake a normal full-time academic program.

Students may specialize in the areas of business, social studies or science and technology. To maximize the credit they can be granted into an ANU Bachelor's degree they should follow one or another of these specialised streams. Courses additional to those listed as part of this program may be able to be included on a case by case basis.

Career Options

Employment Opportunities

The Associate Degree offers an exit point at the sub-degree level, or an articulated pathway into the Bachelor Degree for further in-depth study and professional preparation.

Students articulating into a Bachelors Degree will receive up to 60 units of credit.  Once enrolled in the Associate Degree, students must complete the Associate Degree to obtain the status in the Bachelors Degree.

Learning Outcomes

1. To develop and consolidate the academic skills needed for Bachelor degree level study at the Australian National University.
2. To provide foundational, research-based knowledge of an academic discipline which is broad-based in conceptual and theoretical content.
3. To show a broad range of cognitive, technical and communication skills to select and apply methods and technologies to:
• analyse information in the field of social studies, business or science and technology
• interpret and transmit solutions to unpredictable and sometimes complex problems of the field of social studies, business or science and technology

Admission Requirements

For Domestic Students
1. An ACT Year 12 Certificate (or equivalent)
2. Mature Age (21 years or over)
3. Admission is not dependent on formal attainment measures such as the UAI or other indices
4. All students will be asked to write a paragraph explaining why they want to study the Associate Degree and ANU and what they hope to get out of the program.

For International Students
5. IELTS 6.5
6. Year 12 equivalent expected as per country education standards. A level of attainment 10% lower than the requirement to enter ANU will be acceptable.

Bonus Points

Bonus points do not apply to this program.

Program Requirements

This program requires the completion of 96 units.

must include 36 units of:

BUSN1001   Business Reporting and Analysis
MGMT1003  Management, People and Organisations
ASIA1025    Individual and Society in Asia and the Pacific
SOCY1002  Self and Society
PHYS1001   Physics and its Foundations
ECON1101   Microeconomics 1
ASGS1025   Maths Bridging
ASIA1022     Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
MGMT2100   Communication for Business
ANTH1003    Global and Local Anthropology
ENVS1004    Australia's Environment
INFS1001      Business Information Systems
STAT1008     Quantitative Research Methods
STST1001     Asia-Pacific Security
COMP1100    Intro to Software Systems
EURO1004    Foundations of International Relations: Europe in the Modern Era
PHYS1101    Physics 1
MATH1013    Maths and Applications 1

must include 36 units of:

ASGS1101  Support For Business Reporting and Analysis
ASGS1103  Support For Individual and Society in Asia and the Pacific
ASGS1005  Algebra
ASGS1008  Big Ideas in Science
ASGS1102  Support For Management, People and Organisations
ASGS1104  Support For Self and Society
ASGS1105  Support For Physics and its Foundations
ASGS1106  Support For Microeconomics 1
ASGS1107  Support For Communication for Business
ASGS1108  Support For Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
ASGS1109  Support For Global and Local Anthropology
ASGS1110  Support For Australia's Environment
ASGS1111  Support For Business Information Systems
ASGS1112  Support For Quantitative Research Methods
ASGS1113  Support For Asia-Pacific Security
ASGS1114  Support For Foundations of International Relations: Europe in the Modern Era
ASGS1115  Support For Science Courses

24 units from completion of elective courses at the 1000 and 2000 level which may be offered by any of the ANU Colleges

Elective Study

Once you have met the program requirements of your degree, you may have enough electives to complete an additional elective major,  minor or specialisation.

Study Options

Year 1 48 units BUSN1001 or ASIA1025 or ASGS1005 MGMT1003 or SOCY1002 or PHYS1001 ASGS1101 or ASGS1103 or ASGS1008 ASGS1102 or ASGS1104 or ASGS1105
ECON1101 or ASIA1022 or ASGS1025 MGMT2100 or ANTH1003 or ASGS1025 ASGS1106 or ASGS1108 or ENVS1004 ASGS1107 or ASGS1109 or ASGS1110
Year 2 48 units INFS1001 or STST1001 or COMP1100 STAT1008 or EURO1004 or PHYS1101 ASGS1111 or ASGS1113 or MATH1013 ASGS1112 or ASGS1114 or ASGS1115
1000 or 2000 level course 1000 or 2000 level course 1000 or 2000 level course 1000 or 2000 level course

Indicative Fees

Annual indicative fee for international students


ANU offers a wide range of scholarships to current and future students to assist with the cost of their studies. The University is committed to enabling all students, regardless of their background, to achieve their best at ANU and realise their potential. 

Eligibility for ANU scholarships varies depending on the specifics of the scholarship and can be categorised by the type of student you are.  Specific scholarship application process information is included in the relevant scholarship listing.

For further information see the Scholarships website.

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