• Total units 48 Units
  • Areas of interest International Relations, Asian Studies, International Affairs, Middle East Studies, Politics
  • Major code MEPS-MAJ

To what extent is the Middle East tied to global politics and great powers? What are the reasons of instability and insecurity in the region? This major enables you to grasp the complexity of the region’s politics and its place in regional and world politics from multiple perspectives. It allows you to understand the role of internal actors, and external factors in shaping the political environments and movements of the region. It centralises the role of political economy, societal changes and popular protests in shaping the region’s security dilemmas and aspirations. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate familiarity and critical engagement with the Middle East location in regional and global politics;
  2. demonstrate critical understanding of international relations theories and their applicability to the Middle East context;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of drivers of conflict and insecurity in the region;
  4. demonstrate familiarity with the role of political economy in shaping the politics and societies of the region; and
  5. demonstrate understanding of the recent uprisings in the region and the long durée of revolutionary processes in the region. 

Other Information

This Major in Middle East Politics and Security will enable students to gain an in-depth knowledge of geopolitics and security in the region through cutting edge courses and teaching methods from experts in the field.

Relevant Degrees

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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must include:

24 units from the completion of the following courses:

MEAS3008 Egypt: Social and Political Dynamics in a Changing Middle East

MEAS3009 Security and Politics in the Gulf

POLS2031 Politics in the Middle East

STST1001 Introduction to International Security Studies


24 units of courses from the following list:

BUSI2024 Dynamics of Business in the Middle East

MEAS2004 Turkish Politics and Foreign Policy

MEAS2105 The Political Economy of the Middle East

MEAS3004 Iran in World Politics

MEAS3005 Modern Iraq: State, Politics and Society

MEAS3007 Syria in the Levant: State, Society and the Current Turmoil

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