• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Music
  • Minor code MUSC-MIN

The Music minor gives students the opportunity to pursue studies in music. The key objective of the minor is to introduce students to university-level understanding of the cultural, historical, theoretical, and analytical situation of music across a variety of cultures and historical periods.

Learning Outcomes

  1. understand the languages, forms, materials, and techniques of a range of music;

  2. recogniseand reflect critically on social, cultural and ethical issues, and apply localand, international perspectives to practice in music;
  3. developand evaluate musical, cultural, and artistic ideas, concepts and processes bythinking creatively, critically and reflectively, and through engaging withscholarship and research; and
  4. communicateideas, problems and arguments to do with music and the arts.

Relevant Degrees

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units from the completion of the following list:

MUSI1109 - Music from 1900 to the Present: A Century of Crisis and Change (6 units)

MUSI1110 - Introduction to Music Technology (6 units)

MUSI1111 - Composition, Arranging, and Sound Design 1 (6 units)

MUSI1112 -Composition, Arranging, and Sound Design 2 (6 units)

MUSI1113 - Introduction to Ethnomusicology (6 units)

MUSI1501 - Aural Skills and Music Theory 1 (6 units)

MUSI1502 - Aural Skills and Music Theory 2 (6 units)

MUSI1510 - Materials of Music: Sound, Perception and Documentation (6 units)

12 - 24 units from the completion of the following:

INDG2002 - Contemporary Australian Indigenous Music Studies (6 units)

MUSI2209 - Music Recording and Production Techniques (6 units)

MUSI2211 - Writing About Music 1: Styles and Theories (6 units)

MUSI2220 - Music Ensemble (6 units)

MUSI2222 - Music in the Long 19th Century: From Classicism to Modernism (6 units)

MUSI2225 - Australian Music Culture Studies (6 units)

MUSI2226 - Composition for Film and Video Games (6 units)

MUSI2227 - Music, Sound and the Moving Image (6 units)

MUSI2503 - Aural Skills and Music Theory 3 (6 units)

MUSI2504 - Aural Skills and Music Theory 4 (6 units)

MUSI3309 - Music and Digital Media (6 units)

MUSI3310 - Music and Globalisation (6 units)

MUSI3313 - Writing About Music 2: Sources and Methods (6 units)

MUSI3317 - Popular Music: In Culture and in Context (6 units)

MUSI3318 - Sound Archiving (6 units)

MUSI3321 - Songwriting: Concepts and Craft (6 units)

MUSI3322 - Advanced Jazz Studies 1 (6 units)

MUSI3323 - Advanced Jazz Studies 2 (6 units)

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