A flexible vertical degree is an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in one study program - gain two qualifications in less time.

Master of Laws

A single one year postgraduate award offered by the ANU College of Law

Master of Laws

1 Years 48 Units MLLM

Study plan and program details

A student admitted to a program for a coursework award must enrol in the courses, sequences of courses, or combinations of courses, that the University determines may be included in the program for the year in which the student is admitted to the program.

Please ensure that you follow the study requirements of the academic year you were admitted or, if accepted, will be admitted to the program.

Study a Master of Laws at Australia’s national law school at Australia’s top-ranked University. This highly valuable qualification deepens your understanding of the way law operates in, and interacts with, the modern world and equips you with skills and knowledge for the 21st century job market.

Pursue a general LLM for a broad perspective of law’s role in domestic and international societies. Or focus your studies on one of five specialisations – Public Law, International Law, Human Security Law, New Technologies Law or Private & Commercial Law.

Open to law and non-law graduates, the LLM offers you the flexibility to complete your studies in a way that suits you. Courses are delivered in a variety of modes – semester length, online or in a shorter ‘intensive’ format.

Upon completion, you will join a prestigious and highly recognised alumni network of over 19,000 professionals in Australia and around the globe.

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