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Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies

A single three year undergraduate degree offered by the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies

3 Years 144 Units BMECA

Study plan and program details

The Middle East and Central Asia, predominately Muslim States and Societies, are rich in history, geographical wonders, political turmoil, and socio-cultural influence. The Middle East ranges from Turkey and Iran in West Asia to the Arab heartland as far as Morocco in North Africa. Central Asia is comprised of Afghanistan and the former Muslim republics of the Soviet.

They are areas of constant domestic and international interest as events often unfold which have global relevance and significance. This program will take you through the topics, debates and developments in the Middle East and Central Asia. You will study the socio-cultural, political, historical and economic structures of these regions and develop a comprehensive knowledge of their relationship to global socio-cultural, political and economic trends.

The Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies (CAIS) at ANU is the only academic institution in Australia to offer the Bachelor of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies. The courses offered are interdisciplinary, drawing from international relations, sociology, history, political economy, security, cultural studies and cognate disciplines. The breadth of disciplines and approaches used in CAIS’s teaching offers a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the Middle East and Central Asia regions. To fully engage with the history and culture of the regions, you can also study a Middle Eastern or Central Asian language. There is also the opportunity to undertake a highly competitive research project through the Australian National Internships Program (ANIP).

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