• Total units 48 Units
  • Major code GSDA-MAJ
  • Academic career Undergraduate
Gold & Silversmithing Design Arts Major

This major is only available to students undertaking the Bachelor of Design Arts degree program. 

The Gold & Silversmithing Design Major equips students with skills required for a career as a designer maker. The Major provides a strong focus on developing skills and knowledge relating to the materials and processes of the discipline, in relation to the historical and contemporary contexts of the area. Design Arts students will be introduced to current manufacturing options and will learn how technology can assist in the conceptualisation, visualisation, making and promotion processes. Students will respond to design based projects, investigate a wide range of materials and have the opportunity to manufacture multiples and interact with industry. The major is enriched by a program of visiting artists, allowing students to establish contact with leading professional designer/makers and visit design-related events. 

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this Major, students should be able to:

  1. demonstrate sound knowledge of the technologies and techniques, processes, terminology, forms and materials of gold & silversmithing practice.
  2. develop and evaluate design concepts and processes by thinking creatively, critically and reflectively.
  3. respond to the demands of a project, either independently or collaboratively, by applying skills and knowledge to the design, visualisation and making of creative works.
  4. interpret, communicate and present ideas, problems and arguments in modes suited to a range of audiences.
  5. recognise and reflect on social, ethical, cultural, technological, and environmental issues of creative practice and design considering local and international perspectives. 
  6. identify and apply occupational health and safety principles within a workshop environment.
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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must include:

48 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ARTV1401 Gold and Silversmithing: Introduction to Precise Miniature Construction 6
ARTV1402 Gold and Silversmithing: Movement and Articulated Form 6
DESA2406 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Forging and Flatware 6
DESA2407 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Utility as Context 6
DESA2408 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Vessel Construction 6
DESA2409 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Experimenting with Process 6
DESA3401 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Production Multiples 6
DESA3402 Gold and Silversmithing Design: Development of Personal Language 6
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