• Total units 24 Units
  • Minor code PCWS-MIN
  • Academic career Undergraduate
Peace, Conflict & War Studies Minor

This minor provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the causes, prevention and containment of war, and of theoretical and practical approaches to conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Particular emphasis is given to the relevance of these issues to Australia, Asia and the Pacific, and the minor emphases both history and the contemporary context.

Students will learn about both larger and smaller conflicts that have shaped our world, region and country, and about both successful and unsuccessful efforts to prevent and resolve such conflicts. The minor is comprehensive in approach, drawing insights from a range of disciplines including anthropology, diplomacy, gender studies, geography, history, international relations, law, peace and conflict studies, political science, security studies, sociology and strategic studies. Students who have completed the minor will be well equipped to pursue advanced research in the field of peace, conflict and war studies, or to develop a career in a wide range of relevant professions, including in non-governmental organisations, international organisations, government and policy bodies.

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12 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ASIA1021 Understanding War and Conflict 6
ASIA1022 Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution 6

12 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ASIA2053 Civil Wars and Civil Peace 6
POLS2123 Peace and Conflict Studies 6
ASIA2087 Conflict Management and Resolution 6
STST3002 Australia's Security in the Asian Century 6
ASIA2047 Human Security: Conflict, Displacement and Peace Building 6
ASIA2060 Southeast Asian Security 6
ASIA2165 Islam in Southeast Asia 6
ASIA3030 The Origins of the International Order in Southeast Asia 6
POLS2085 Gendered Politics of War 6
  POLS 2097: Strategy I: Grand Strategy
  POLS 2098: Strategy II
POLS3001 Australian Foreign Policy: Australia's Foreign Wars 6
HIST2214 The Great War, 1914-1918 6
HIST2136 World at War, 1939-1945 6
HIST2141 The Cold War: 1945-1989 6
STST2002 Internal security issues in the Asia-Pacific 6
STST2001 International Security issues in the Asia Pacific 6
STST2003 Securing Australia's Asia-Pacific Arc of Instability 6
INTR2014 Indian Foreign and Security Policy 6
INTR2010 International Relations in the Asia-Pacific 6
INTR2012 China's New Approaches to Asia Pacific Security 6
INTR2016 US Security Policy in Asia 6
INTR2018 Japan's Security Dilemmas 6
INTR2020 Security and Stability on the Korean Peninsula 6
INTR2024 Nuclear Politics in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities 6
PASI2003 Environment, Conflict and Development in the Western Pacific 6
PASI2006 War in the Islands: The Second World War in the Pacific 6
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