• Total units 24 Units
  • Specialisation code GLHD-SPEC
  • Academic career Postgraduate
Global Health and Development Specialisation

Boost your career options in global health and development by developing your leadership and critical analysis skills.   The Master of Culture, Health, and Medicine tackles the challenges of health, development and global change from the perspectives of political economy, political ecology, environmental justice, and human rights.

Specialists from the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences and ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment will equip you with critical research tools and an in-depth understanding of the concepts of medical and development anthropology.  You will be taught by social scientists, practitioners, and clinicians who bring together academic and real-life experiences from Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific.

Career opportunities

This specialisation will advance your career in health and development in government and non-government organisations, or as an independent consultant, health practitioner or researcher.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:
  1. analyse and articulate the intricate links between the global political economy and health and wellbeing;
  2. engage in high-level debate about contemporary policy and practice in relation to development initiatives and global health outcomes; and
  3. apply a range of advanced social scientific methodologies and tools to problematic issues of global health and development.
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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

12 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ANTH8007 Key Concepts in Anthropology of Development 6
CHMD8006 Global Health and Development 6

12 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ANTH8009 Development in Practice 6
ANTH8030 Critically Assessing Contemporary Development Practice 6
ANTH8038 Critical Issues in Gender and Development 6
ANTH8042 Migration, Refugees and Development 6
CHMD8009 Anthropological Approaches to Health Interventions 6
CHMD8011 Refugee Health: From Displacement to Resettlement 6
CHMD8019 Culture, Health, Medicine Internship 6
CHMD8020 The Future of Food and Human Health 6
IDEC8007 Aid and Development Policy 6
POGO8029 Health Policy in a Globalising World 6
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