• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Computer Science, Human Centred Computing
  • Specialisation code HCCP-SPEC
  • Academic career Undergraduate
Human-Centric Computing Specialisation

Other Information

When we interact and cooperate with other humans, they usually understand and predict what we will do. The same cannot be said of computers, which usually wait to be told what to do next. Using the latest technology, our research explores computer-human interactions with data and the world. We want computers to understand what users’ goals are when they perform specific tasks, and to enhance their user experience. Our goal is to make computers to 'think ahead', and be responsive in their interactions with humans.

We conduct interdisciplinary research, combining computing, art, science, music, security, psychology, social network analysis, digital humanities and biologically inspired computing. We aim to produce more robust, scalable and flexible computational tools that can interact with humans effectively. We are particularly interested in: interactive tools for supporting creativity in music and art; the use of wearable and mobile devices; control gestures for computer systems; health applications; virtual and augmented reality; and the use of eye-gaze and physiological signals to infer humans’ mental states.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:


24 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
COMP3650 System Architectural Understanding and the Human Brain 6
COMP3900 Human Computer Interface Design and Evaluation 6
COMP4660 Bio-inspired Computing: Applications and Interfaces 6
COMP4610 Computer Graphics 6
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