• Length 0.5 years full-time
  • Minimum 24 Units
Admission requirements
Do you want to talk to someone before enrolling? Contact hitoshi.nasu@anu.edu.au
  • Mode of delivery
    • Internal
Graduate Certificate of Law

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After you have accepted your offer you will be emailed your password and uni ID.  You must then follow the instructions provided here and enrol online through ISIS.

International students should discuss their enrolment with the ANU College of  Law when they arrive in Canberra. Please Contact us to arrange an appointment.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure the program requirements are met and that all compulsory and required courses are completed so that the program can be awarded.

About this degree

How to choose courses and enrol

  1. Consult the program requirements on the Programs and Courses page to see which courses you can choose. In the Graduate Certificate of Law, LAWS8586 Law and Legal Institutions is compulsory and then you can choose any three other masters program courses.
  2. Look at the Graduate Coursework Timetable to see what courses are offered and when they are offered.
  3. Check that you meet the prerequisite(s) for the course.
  4. Enrol in the course on ISIS - for information on how to do this please go to http://www.anu.edu.au/students/program-administration/enrolment/enrol-for-the-first-time-as-a-coursework-student

Commencement date

LAWS8586 Law and Legal Institutions is a compulsory course for this program and should be completed first. 

If you do not have an area of specilisation in mind, we highly recommend you choose your three remaining electives from the fundamentals suite of courses listed below. This will give you a fantastic overview of all areas of law and open up your options if you decide to progress to an LLM.

  • LAWS8189 Fundamentals of Environmental Law
  • LAWS8182 Principles of International Law
  • LAWS8001 Introduction to Law, Governance & Development
  • LAWS8587 Legal Framework of Regulation

The ANU College of Law has a strict attendance policy for face-to-face intensive classes. You must attend 100% of scheduled classes, whether they are held on weekdays or weekends. We assume you have taken into account all work, family, religious and other commitments when you enrol.

Online Courses

A few courses in the program are available online including some MLP completion courses. Please see the timetable.  Attendance is not required for online courses.

Course Materials

A Course Study Guide will be published for each course on the Wattle course site. This document contains information on the course including: course lecture outline; textbook requirements; reading requirements; assessment details; and policy information.

You can buy text books at the on-campus Coop Bookshop. Reading Guides or E-Bricks may also be made available on the Wattle course site. This varies from course to course.

You will be given access to the Wattle course site approximately 24-48 hours after you enrol in the course,  provided the site is opened. Sites are generally opened four weeks prior to the commencement of the course intensive. Course Study Guides, course materials, ebricks, resources, discussion forums, quizzes and online activities can all be accessed via each Wattle course site. Assessments will be submitted electronically on the Wattle course site.


If you wish to apply for status (credit/advanced standing) for courses you have studied at another university, you must complete an Application for Status form and submit it to the LLM Program Administrator, along with an official transcript of your previous studies and relevant course descriptions and outlines. You will not be granted status for courses that have already counted towards a completed degree or award.


All email correspondence from the University will be sent to your University Webmail account. You can access this email account at http://students.anu.edu.au/ and clicking on the Webmail icon. There is a facility to redirect your university email to a preferred account. Please go to:http://itservices.anu.edu.au/email/

Do you want to talk to someone before enrolling?

Contact Dr Hitoshi Nasu at hitoshi.nasu@anu.edu.au

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