• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Earth and Marine Sciences, Geography, Interdisciplinary Studies - Sustainability, Resource Management and Environmental Science, Development Studies More...
  • Minor code CSAP-MIN
  • Academic career Undergraduate


Climate change is recognised as one of the critical challenges to the sustainability of human society and the environment, in Australia and globally. Expertise in the science and policy areas relevant to understanding climate change and its impacts, and to managing natural resources and both human and natural environments under global warming, is in demand in the private sector, at all levels of Australian government, and in research organisations. This minor combines a strong understanding of climate science with relevant knowledge in environmental policy, economics and governance, a combination that is essential to tackling the critical challenges in areas such as climate vulnerability and adaptation, water resource management and natural resource management under climate change.

Learning Goals:

On completion of the minor in Climate Science and Policy students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Evaluate current understandings of climate science and the science of climate change, and a range of response strategies to climate change, including international and Australian approaches to adaptation and mitigation.
  2. Integrate knowledge relevant to climate science and climate change science and policy across disciplines.
  3. Apply a range of written, oral and visual communication skills to effectively convey and discuss information about climate science and change science and policy in multidisciplinary contexts.
  4. Engage with the ongoing climate change policy debate, recognising the socio-political and cultural contexts of the debate.

Other Information

Advice to Students:

Students should seek further course advice from the academic convener of the Climate Science and Policy minor.

Areas of Interest

  • Earth and Marine Sciences
  • Geography
  • Interdisciplinary Studies - Sustainability
  • Resource Management and Environmental Science
  • Development Studies
  • Environmental Studies
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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

6 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ENVS3020 Climate Change Science & Policy 6

A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

Code Title Units
EMSC2021 Fundamentals of Climate System Science 6
ENVS2004 Weather, Climate and Fire 6
ENVS3001 Climate Change Science & Policy in Practice 6
ENVS3013 Climatology 6
ENVS3011 Severe Weather 6

A maximum of 6 units may come from completion of courses from the following list:

Code Title Units
ENVS3028 Environmental Policy 6
ENVS3033 International Environmental Policy 6
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