• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Archaeology
  • Minor code ARCH-MIN
  • Academic career Undergraduate

The minor in archaeology provides students with the opportunity to explore archaeological techniques and evidence for human societies in different locations, for both prehistoric and historical periods.

Learning outcomes

  1. Development of an understanding of patterns and regional variation in the human past as revealed by the archaeological evidence.
  2. Understanding of how archaeologists reconstruct past cultures and lifeways.
  3. Understanding the long-term cultural changes in different parts of the world.
  4. Enhancing knowledge of human physical and cultural evolution.

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units may come from completion of courses from the following list:

Code Title Units
ARCH1111 Archaeology Uncovered 6
ARCH1112 From Origins to Civilizations 6

A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

Code Title Units
  ANCH 2014: Homer and the Trojan War
  ARCH 2002: Britain before the Romans
ARCH2004 Australian Archaeology 6
ARCH2005 Archaeology of the Pacific Islanders 6
ARCH2037 Post-Roman Archaeology of Britain: From Arthur to the Black Death 6
ARCH2041 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology 6
ARCH2050 Archaeology of Southeast Asia 6
ARCH2052 Archaeology in Film and Fiction 6
ARCH2055 Archaeological Fieldschool 6
ARCH2056 Britons and Romans: Archaeology of the Western Roman Empire 6
ARCH2061 Archaeological Field Methods 6
ARCH3023 Thinking through the past: archaeological theory from 1950 6
ARCH2058 European prehistory from cultivation to the Celts 6
  ARCH 3019: Topics in Pacific Archaeology
ARCH3024 In the footprints of Siddhartha: The Archaeology of Buddhism 6
ARCH3025 World Rock Art 6
ARCH3026 History of Archaeology: Discovering the Past 6
ARCH3028 Archaeology of Death and Mortuary Practices 6
ARCH3029 Making-Taking-Using-Breaking: Material Culture Studies and Technology in Archaeology 6
ASIA2203 Archaeology of China 6
BIAN3113 Human Evolution 6
BIAN3125 Ancient Health & Disease 6
BIAN2128 Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology 6
BIAN2130 Ancient Medicine 6
BIAN3010 Scientific Dating in Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Studies 6
BIAN3016 Analysis of Vertebrate Remains 6
HUMN2000 Introduction to Heritage and Museum Studies 6
HUMN2051 Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management 6
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