• Length 4 years full-time
  • Minimum 192 Units
Admission requirements
  • Mode of delivery
    • Internal
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Arts and Social Science

Single degree

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Arts and Social Sciences consists of 192 units. Most courses are worth 6 units each, with 48 units (8 courses) per year being the standard full-time load.

A course (usually 6 units) can only be counted towards one major or elective minor.

You will need to complete:

  • One Major from the List of Majors (48 units)
  • Six Compulsory Advanced Studies courses (36 units)
  • 10 electives (60 units) from across the ANU
  • Honours year (48 units)
  • You can only count ten 1000-level courses (60 units) towards your degree.

You are advised to complete a Program Plan for your degree. This will help you seek advice on your course choices, ensure you meet the program requirements and plan your next three years.

Enrolment Status

If you are an international student you must always be full-time.

While it's possible for domestic students to enrol in fewer than four courses per semester, which is called studying part-time, it will take you longer to finish your program and get your degree.

You can’t study more than four courses (24 units) per semester, eight for the year.

Important things to keep in mind when choosing your 1000-level courses

You are recommended to take your 1000-level courses in your first year. These courses have ‘1’ as the first number in their course code, such as ARTS1234. You may take 1000-level courses later in your program.

You can only count a maximum of ten 1000-level courses (60 units) towards your degree.

In your first year you need to enrol in:

  • Courses for both First Semester and Second Semester (8 courses for full time)
  • 1000 level Courses for at least one Arts major
  • Two Advanced Studies courses:
    • ARTS1101 - Advanced Studies 1: Thinking Research in Second Semester
    • ARTS1102 - Advanced Studies 2: Doing Research in First Semester
  • We recommend the remaining courses to make up your eight be 1000-level.

Majors and Minors

See available majors and minors for this program

See available majors for this program.

You are not required to take a minor in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) – Arts and Social Sciences degree, however you can use your electives to make up a minor.


For your electives (60 units from completion of elective courses offered by ANU), these can be additional courses from your discipline (including the option of a minor) or courses from another ANU College. You may wish to seek advice from the relevant college that offers the course. Courses coded in the 1000 range are first year courses and most first year courses do not have any prerequisites – details of any prerequisites will be listed in the relevant course entry. If you are interested in undertaking a language and have prior knowledge/experience with that language you may need to undertake a placement test – you should check with the relevant language area for further details.

Study Options

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) - Arts and Social Science

For study Plans please see following link http://cass.anu.edu.au/current-students/degrees-and-program-plans

Study Options

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