• Total units 48 Units
  • Areas of interest Criminology
  • Major code CRIM-MAJ

Courses in this major focus on crime, deviancy, policing and punishment. Completing this major will equip students with an understanding of the key issues relating to the criminological study of criminality, disorder, deviancy and social control. Particular attention is paid to the socio-cultural and political-economic processes influencing which individuals and social groups acquire a deviant label and how such an identity impacts upon the subject. Drawing on theoretical perspectives from sociology and criminology, courses will explore the interconnections between power, organisational and cultural representations of crime, social inequalities, and exposure to criminal justice interventions. They will also consider the emerging social and political implications associated with these relations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. describe the social construction of crime, deviance and social control;
  2. describe the dimensions of crime and key trends in Australia;
  3. acquire, interpret and communicate a range of data, both quantitative and qualitative, in areas of key criminological significance;
  4. critically evaluate criminological theories and explanations of crime causation, deviancy and social control;
  5. recognise the socio-political contours and impacts of the criminal justice system on different individuals and groups;
  6. engage with policy issues and key debates within the field of criminology; and
  7. recognise the social and cultural responses to crime, deviance and social control from an informed scholarly perspective.

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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units of courses at 1000 level

A minimum of 6 units of courses at 3000 level


24 units from the completion of the following course(s):

CRIM1001 - Criminological Imaginations: Understanding Criminality (6 units)

CRIM1002 - Criminological Perspectives: Understanding Crime (6 units)

CRIM2001 - Doing Criminology: Research and Practice in Crime and Criminal Justice (6 units)

CRIM3001 - Professional perspectives on crime and prevention (6 units)


A minimum of 6 units and maximum of 12 units from the completion of the following course(s):

SOCY2038 - Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (6 units)

SOCY2043 - Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods (6 units)

SOCY2169 - Online Research Methods (6 units)


A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

ANTH2130 - Violence and Terror (6 units)

CRIM2000 - The Illicit Economy (6 units)

CRIM2002 - Organised Crime: Understanding the Underworld (6 units)

CRIM2003 - Controversies in Crime Control (6 units)

CRIM2004 - Dimensions of Crime: Identifying and Controlling Offenders (6 units)

CRIM2005 - Alcohol, Drugs and Crime: Promoting Health and Preventing Consequences (6 units)

CRIM2006 - Young People and Crime: Developmental Criminology and its Discontents (6 units)

CRIM2007 - Order in the Courts: An Introduction to the Australian Judicial System (6 units)

CRIM2008 - Punishment and Society: An Introduction to Penology (6 units)

CRIM2009 - Corruption in our world (6 units)

CRIM2010 - Cybercrime: an introduction (6 units)

CRIM2011 - Special Topics in Criminology (6 units)

CRIM2012 - Fundamentals of Cyber Security: Responding to crime in the digital age (6 units)

CRIM2013 - Policing (6 units)

CRIM2014 - Introduction to Crime Science (6 units)

CRIM2015 - Targeted Violence: Criminological Approaches to Understanding and Prevention (6 units)

CRIM3002 - Corruption in Sport (6 units)

HIST2232 - Crime and Justice: Historical Dilemmas (6 units)

PHIL2020 - Theories of Social Justice (6 units)

POLS2100 - Genocide in the Modern World (6 units)

POLS3036 - International Terrorism (6 units)

PSYC2011- Introduction to Forensic and Criminal Psychology (6 units)

SOCY2008 - Living in the Risk Society: Health, Crime, Climate and Disasters (6 units)

SOCY2026 - Excessive Appetites: Sociocultural Perspectives on Addiction and Drug Use (6 units)

SOCY2157 - Surveillance and Society (6 units)

SOCY3001- Research Internship (6 units)

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