• Total units 24 Units
  • Specialisation code HLPL-SPEC
  • Academic career Postgraduate
Health Policy Specialisation

This specialisation equips students with a solid understanding of the design and functioning of health policy and systems within a globalised context. It is a multi- disciplinary and globally oriented program that enables critical, conceptual and problem oriented analyses and insight into a complex, technological and expanding policy field. From health policy formulation, health systems and institutions, to the transboundary characteristics of the field, including the demands and consequences of technology and health data, to challenges of social inequity and development policies, students are exposed to key concepts and debates about doing health policy in the modern era. These debates include the role and influence of professions and other interests in the field, the challenges to coordinating and promoting health across policy silos and jurisdictional boundaries, and the nature of knowledge about what constitutes appropriate health objectives and effective health systems. Students will also learn methods for conducting research and evaluation of health systems and policies. The specialisation is particularly designed for future leaders, managers and policy makers working in health, including within public sector organisations, global institutions and non-governmental organisations.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

24 units from completion of courses from the following list:

CHMD8006 Global Health and Development

DEMO8063 Spatial Population Data Analysis

NSPO8013 Disease, Security and Biological Weapons

POGO8029 Health Policy in a Globalising World

POPH8102 Global Population Health

POPH8103 Introduction to Health Services Research and Policy

POPH8115 Health Promotion and Protection

POPH8313 Analysis of Public Health Data

POPH8317 Public Health Surveillance

POPH8918 Life Course Approaches to Human Ageing


This specialisation is available only to students undertaking the Master of Public Policy

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