• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest International Relations, Policy Studies, International Affairs
  • Specialisation code IRIG-SPEC
International Governance Specialisation

This specialisation provides students insight into the workings of global politics, paying particular attention to the legal, institutional and political dimensions of how world politics is governed. It examines the role of the United Nations as the peak international organisation, the role of other global and regional organisations, as well as the origins, nature and workings of international law. The specialisation provides students with detailed knowledge about the moral/ethical ways we can think about global governance, the successes and failures of contemporary global governance as well as alternate approaches to both governance challenges and systems.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the historical development and contemporary nature of international governance

  2. Understand the intersection of the political and legal dimensions of international governance

  3. Critically assess the opportunities and constraints facing international organisations in managing world politics and addressing global challenges

  4. Consider the possibility for the reform of global institutions, and debates about the different mechanisms for reform that are potentially possible.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units from the following courses:

24 units completion from the following courses:

INTR8045 Global Governance

INTR8070 International Organisation

DIPL8006 Diplomacy, Politics and the United Nations

DIPL8008 The United Nations and Peace

LAWS8023 International Law and United Nations Peace Operations

LAWS8182 Principles of International Law

LAWS8183 Advanced Principles of International Law (LAWS8182 is prerequisite)

LAWS8567 International Dispute Resolution

POGO8044 Global Social Policy

REGN8056 Complexity, Catastrophe and Resilience (3 unit)

REGN8019 Biyam-burru-wa-la-nha: Indigenous Peoples and Self-Governing Systems (3 unit)

ANIP6503 Australian National Internship Program Internship A (Graduate)

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