• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Law
  • Specialisation code LRES-SPEC
Law Reform, Environmental and Social Justice Specialisation

Law reform and social justice is a central ethos in the ANU College of Law. Building on the College's extra-curricular Law Reform and Social Justice Program, this specialisation gives students the skills to explore and interrogate the complex role of law in society, and the part that lawyers play in promoting both change and stability.

Courses in this specialisation gives students the skills to evaluate current legal regulation of complex social issues, assess the relevant considerations in planning law reform and the necessary skills in executing reform. The diverse range of courses allow students to develop values of social justice and develop the skills necessary to achieve social justice goals.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review, analyse, and synthesise knowledge from primary and secondary legal sources to identify and provide solutions to Law reform, Environmental and Social Justice problems.

  2. Interpret and critically evaluate Law reform, Environmental and Social Justice and its social and ethical impact on society, at a local, national, and international level.

  3. Undertake technical legal research to access a range of legal materials, literature databases, and other online sources, and apply legal or interdisciplinary research methodologies to evaluate and synthesise findings.

  4. Communicate to a variety of legal and non-legal audiences in a range of oral and written formats.

  5. Examine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives relating to Law reform, Environmental and Social Justice, and reflect on their relationship and importance to contemporary Australian law and society

  6. Work both independently and collaboratively as required, and evaluate and reflect on feedback to develop personal, professional and ethical capability across a range of legal disciplines.

Other Information

Courses counted towards this specialisation can also be counted towards another specialisation, provided they are listed on the Study Tab under the relevant specialisation. 

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This Undergraduate Specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

24 units from completion of the following course(s):

LAWS4214 Criminal Justice

LAWS4215 Environmental Law

LAWS4219 Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights

LAWS4220 Human Rights Law in Australia

LAWS4225 International Law of Human Rights

LAWS4238 Indigenous Australians and the Law

LAWS4256 Law and Sexualities

LAWS4267 Youth Law Clinic

LAWS4268 Community Law Clinic

LAWS4271 Refugee Law

LAWS4274 Climate Law

LAWS4278 Indigenous Community Legal Clinic

LAWS4281 Environmental Law Clinic

LAWS4284 Public Interest Law Clinic

LAWS4301 Myanmar Law Clinic

LAWS4302 International Law Clinic

LAWS4304 Prison Legal Literacy Clinic

LAWS4307 Legal Education for True Justice: Indigenous Perspectives and Deep Listening on Country

LAWS4309 Colonialism and the rule of law

LAWS4313 Kimberley Aboriginal Justice Clinic

LAWS4234 Special Law Elective 1: Animals and the Law

LAWS4218 Feminist and Critical Legal Theory

LAWS4315 Law and Development in the Contemporary South Pacific

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