• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Archaeology, Australian Indigenous Studies
  • Minor code AARC-MIN
Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia in its Regional and Cultural Context Minor

The advanced minor in the archaeology of Australia in its regional and cultural context provides students with the opportunity to explore the archaeological evidence for human societies in Australia, the Pacific and Southeast Asia, and to contextualise these through study of Indigenous history, culture, and language. Courses cover the nature and transformation of cultural systems in Australia over the last 60,000+ years, as well as the development of complex societies and the ongoing significance of archaeological cultures and materials in neighbouring regions. Courses examine the details of the archaeological and historical records as well as linguistic and environmental evidence and train students in the methods and theories most appropriate to understand them. This advanced minor provides students with deep and intensely interdisciplinary knowledge of the culture, history and archaeology of Aboriginal Australia.

Learning Outcomes

  1. reconstruct archaeological sequences and culture histories in Australia and its wider region;

  2. critically appreciate the variety of archaeological evidence available to study Australia and its wider region;

  3. understand and begin to engage in consultative and collaborative approaches to the study of Indigenous history, culture, and practices;

  4. construct knowledge about the past from historical, environmental, linguistic evidence as well as archaeological data; and

  5. contextualise and critically analyse archaeological evidence in light of contemporary Indigenous practices and ways of knowing.

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, from the following list of courses:

ANTH2005 Traditional Australian Indigenous Cultures, Societies and Environment (6 units)

ARCH2004 Australian Archaeology (6 units)

ARCH2005 Archaeology of the Pacific Islanders (6 units)

ARCH2050 Archaeology of Southeast Asia (6 units)

HIST2022 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History (6 units)

INDG2001 Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management (6 units)

LING2016 Language and Society in Indigenous Australia (6 units)

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