• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest International Relations, Political Sciences, International Affairs
  • Specialisation code IRAP-SPEC
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific Specialisation

The pathway specialisation International Relations in the Asia-Pacific explores the sub-regional, regional and global significance of international affairs in the Asia Pacific. It both provides an overview of the contemporary challenges in the region and enables students to delve deeper into particular sub-regions and issues. The specialisation includes the examination of political, economic, historical and social drivers for contemporary Asia-Pacific affairs as well as the opportunity to consider how Asia-Pacific affairs are reshaping global politics and the discipline of International Relations

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the key challenges and opportunities that shape the international relations of the Asia Pacific region

  2. Appreciate the importance of different states, groups and themes impacting the politics between Asia Pacific actors

  3. Relate contemporary events in the Asia Pacific to both global affairs and the discipline of International Relations

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

6 units from completion of

INTR8022 International Relations in the Asia Pacific

18 units from completion of courses on the international relations of the Asia Pacific from the following list:

ASIA8011 Rethinking Northeast Asia: Region, Culture and Society

ASIA8040 Engaging Asia: Australia and the Asian Century

ASIA8049 International History from Asia and the Pacific: Framing Critical Perspectives

DIPL8016 The Role of Non-State Actors in East Asia Diplomacy

INTR8040 Ethnicity and Conflict in Asia and the Pacific

INTR8058 Islam, Politics and Conflict in Southeast Asia

INTR8060 China's Global Engagement

INTR8063 Japan and the World: Politics, Identity and Security

INTR8064 Gender, War, and Justice is South and Southeast Asia

INTR8067 US Foreign and Security Policy in the Asia-Pacific

INTR8074 Chinese Thinking on International Relations

INTR8082 Regionalism in Southeast Asia

NSPO8034 China, America and National Security

POGO8220 Issues in Japanese Policy

STST8002 The New Power Politics of Asia

STST8010 Strategic Studies Concepts and Asia Pacific Conflict

STST8026 Nuclear Strategy in the Asian Century

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