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  • Class Start Date 24/07/2023
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Physics 1 introduces the fundamentals of university physics, and should be taken by all students planning to major or minor in physics.

The course focuses on using modelling and estimation to figure out the physics of complex real-world situations, on applying the mathematical concepts of vectors and vector fields, and on experimental skills. It is taught in small-group hands-on workshops and laboratories.

Syllabus: Mechanics, point-particle models, contact forces, rigid body models and rotation. Theory and practice of DC circuits and simple AC circuits. Thermal physics and heat transfer. Writing computer programs to numerically model dynamical situations, and to plot and fit data. Measuring and calculating uncertainties, interpreting uncertain data. Vectors and vector fields. Electrostatics, magnetostatics and induction.

Honours Pathway Option (HPO)

More advanced options are available in this course.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Construct and use appropriate physical models for complex, real-world physics problems in the fields of mechanics and thermal physics.
  2. Quickly estimate order-of-magnitude values for a wide range of physical quantities.
  3. Measure and calculate uncertainties, and interpret uncertain data.
  4. Use computer programs to analyse data and to model complex physical systems.Become proficient with vectors and vector fields
  5. Use vectors and vector fields to calculate electric and magnetic fields.
  6. Construct and analyse DC and simple AC circuits
AsPr Cormac Corr

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AsPr Cormac Corr

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