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    • Dr Stephen Sherlock
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The Political and Institutional Architecture of Public Policy (POGO8402)

This course introduces students to frameworks and theories for understanding the political and institutional context of contemporary policy making. Particular emphasis in the course is given to how various political, regulatory, administrative and communicative institutions shape the process and outcomes of public policy. Throughout the course students will engage critically in ideas on the structures of policy making, including the role of constitutions, the executive, the bureaucracy, the judiciary and other regulators, political parties, elections and the media. The public policy consequences of different jurisdictional arrangements is also examined looking at the benefits and challenges of centralisation and decentralization. Students will also consider how globalization and the proliferation of transnational policy issues are challenging national systems of government.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of the political and institutional context of public policy;
  2. reflect critically on how institutions shape the process and outcomes of public policy;
  3. demonstrate a critical understanding of the role and changing nature of state and non-state institutions (including global institutions) in contemporary public policy;
  4. develop convincing arguments and recommendations on the most appropriate governance structures for achieving particular policy goals; and
  5. demonstrate the ability to think independently, and persuasively communicate ideas in relation to the institutional and governance aspects of public policy institutions.
Dr Stephen Sherlock

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Dr Stephen Sherlock

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