• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Asian Languages, Cultural Studies, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Pacific Studies, Asia Pacific Studies More...
  • Minor code APLI-MIN

Linguistics is the study of human language: how we use language to communicate; how languages vary and change across time and space; and how we learn and process language. This minor aims to introduce students to how language works and the roles language plays in human society through the most linguistically diverse region of the world: Asia and the Pacific. The minor builds on an introduction to the study of linguistics and an introduction to the languages of Asia and the Pacific, and allows for further study of different sub-fields in linguistics with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. An understanding of how language works can be a useful adjunct to many areas of study, including any foreign language, literature, anthropology, philosophy, computer science, or psychology. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand how people use languages to communicate, and of the roles of language in human society.

  2. Understand and evaluate basic linguistic concepts and models, and how they are applicable to languages in the Asia and Pacific region.

  3. Conduct basic linguistic analysis on a range of language data.

  4. Identify and critique popular views on language use and language diversity in the Asia and Pacific region. 

Areas of Interest

  • Asian Languages
  • Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
  • Pacific Studies
  • Asia Pacific Studies
  • Language Studies
  • Asia-Pacific Studies
  • Linguistics
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This minor requires 24 units, which consist of:

6 units from completion of the following compulsory course:

LING1001   Introduction to the study of language

6 units from one version of the following course:

ASIA2001   Language in Asia and the Pacific

ASIA2103   Language in Asia and the Pacific (L)

A minimum of 6 units from completion of the following courses:

ASIA2308   Linguistic Histories in Asia and the Pacific

ASIA2100   Linguistic Histories in Asia and the Pacific (L)

JPNS2024 Japanese Grammar and Expressions

JPNS3012 Teaching Japanese: Content

JPNS3014 Teaching Japanese: Method

LING2017   Chinese Linguistics

LING2028   Japanese Linguistics

LING2111 Indonesian and Interdisciplinary Linguistics (L)

A maximum of 6 units from completion of the following courses:

LING2021 Cross-cultural communication

LING2018   Languages in Contact

LING2005   Language Across Time

LING2003   Grammar of the world's languages

LING2010   Sounds of the World’s Languages: Phonetics and Phonology

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