• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Human Ecology
  • Specialisation code HUEV-SPEC

This is a Biological Anthropology specialisation which focuses on the study of the fossil record over the past 7-8 million years in the context of palaeoanthropology and primate/human evolutionary biology. Students will gain skills, knowledge and training in understanding the behaviour of our extinct hominin relatives through examining skeletal and dental morphology of extinct hominins and extant primates based on fossil evidence. This specialisation also focuses on studying the context in which hominins and non-human primates evolved. Students are offered a broad grounding in the theory and techniques needed to pursue original research and/or gain relevant professional skills in areas of palaeoanthropology, primate evolutionary biology and human evolution.

Learning Outcomes

  1. understand the origins of, and the fossil evidence for, our extinct hominin ancestors over the last 7-8 million years;
  2. understand the theories, methods and practice of palaeoanthropology;
  3. develop a critical perspective about the limitations of the fossil record in reconstructing behaviour; and
  4. undertake a research project in palaeoanthropology.
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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

6 units from completion of the course:

BIAN6013 Human Evolution

A minimum of 12 units from completion of the courses:

ARCH8037 Masterclass in Archaeological and Evolutionary Science (6 units)

ARCH8044 Ancient Biomolecules And Our Past (6 units)

BIAN8003 Readings in Primatology/Palaeoanthropology (6 units)

A maximum of 12 units from completion of the courses:

ARCH6042 Scientific Dating in Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Studies (6 units)

BIAN6124 Evolution and Human Behaviour (6 units)

BIOL6109 Developmental Biology (6 units)

BIOL6114 Evolution (6 units)

BIOL6206 Evolution of Biodiversity (6 units)

ENVS6529 Palaeo-Environmental Reconstruction (6 units)

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