• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest International Relations, Policy Studies, Political Sciences, International Affairs
  • Specialisation code IRIS-SPEC
International Security Specialisation

The International Security specialisation enables students to understand the key dynamics of security in world politics. It includes an appreciation of inter-state security, and the study of security and war in both a conceptual and practical manner. Drawing in particular on the pressing security concerns of the Asia-Pacific, this specialisation equips students with an understanding of the history, leading actors and contemporary challenges in international security and the role and significance of military power in these debates. The specialisation provides detailed and advanced knowledge on when, why and with what consequences states choose to use force, and what the alternatives to force may be, and how security, force, war and violence intersect with questions of order and foreign policy.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the key conceptual debates surrounding security and their historical evolution

  2. Understand the competing security agendas of leading states, especially in reference to the Asia Pacific

  3. Critically evaluate different security agendas and how they impact state security priorities

  4. Appreciate the role of military power in world affairs

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

24 units completion from the following courses:

INTR8032 Global Security

INTR8053 Ethics of Peace and War

INTR8067 US Foreign and Security Policy in the Asia-Pacific

NSPO8007 National Security: Concepts and Methods

NSPO8034 China, America and National Security

NSPO8046 Terrorism and National Security

STST8053 Alliances in Asia: Theory, History and Practice

STST8026 Nuclear Strategy in the Asian Century

STST8027 Insurgency & Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare

STST8052 The Resort to the Force: Understanding Military Power

ANIP6503 Australian National Internships Program A

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