• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Museums and Collections
  • Specialisation code MUCO-SPEC
Museums and Collections Specialisation

Our staff innovate and set agendas in museum studies and edit some of the leading journals in the field. We explore new areas in museum studies, such as social inclusion, museum learning, citizenship  and community engagement, intangible cultural heritage, social activism and museums, affect and empathy in the museum, multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism, Indigenous curation and collection, and innovative visitor studies. We also offer courses in traditional curatorship and collections management.

Our strong professional connections with major national collections and exhibition venues, as well as small and regional museums, are utilised in our active intern program, which will ensure you are at the cutting edge of museum theory and practice. We also have excellent links with major overseas institutions.

Career opportunities

A Museums and Collections specialisation is for both recent graduates and those in mid-career. It will also provide students with the background necessary to undertake high level research in this field.

Learning Outcomes

  1. analyse, research, reflect on and synthesise complex approaches to museums and collecting agencies and their relationships to societies
  2. evaluate significant debates, problems, controversies, concepts and theories pertinent to museums and collections
  3. develop critical engagement with, and a working knowledge of museums and collecting agencies
  4. communicate cutting-edge knowledge and sophisticated ideas to general and specialists museum audiences.
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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

6 units from the completion of the following course(s):

MUSC8017 - Museums and Collections: Key Concepts and Practices (6 units)

18 units from the completion of the following course(s):

HUMN8033 - Tourism, Heritage and Globalization (6 units)

HUMN8034 - Collaborative Storytelling and Cultural Production

HUMN8035 - Critical Issues in Intangible Heritage (6 units)

HUMN8036 - Restitution and the Archive? Using Archives and Special Collections

HUMN8037 - Culture and Heritage in China Field School (6 units)

HUMN8038 - Oral History and Heritage Practice and Theory (6 units)

MUSC8004 - Internship 1 (6 units)

MUSC8005 - Internship 2 (6 units)

MUSC8006 - Indigenous Collections and Exhibitions (6 units)

MUSC8009 - Museums and Heritage Research Project (6 units)

MUSC8011 - Museums and Heritage Extended Research Project (12 units)

MUSC8012 - Understanding Learning in Museums and Heritage (6 units)

MUSC8018 - Exhibition Design and Delivery

MUSC8019 - Repatriation: principles, policy, practice

MUSC8021 - Collections Management Workshop (6 units)

MUSC8022 - Restitution, Social Justice and Museums (6 units)

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