• Length 1 years full-time
  • Minimum 48 Units
Admission requirements
  • Mode of delivery
    • Internal
Graduate Diploma of Applied Data Analytics

Academic Advice

Important things to keep in mind when planning your enrolment

The following links enable students to download a recommended enrolment pattern for their individual situation: domestic or international; online or on-campus.

Students should note that these patterns are strictly advisory. They are designed to help students navigate the degree by taking account of factors such as pre-requisites (what order students have to take some courses in) and scheduling constraints (some courses occur more frequently than others). Students are free to vary these patterns, but the College cannot guarantee that a student who diverges from the recommended pattern will be able to complete the program in the minimum time.

S1 starters

Semester 1         COMP6240          COMP6730         STAT7055             SOCR8201           

Semester 2         STAT6026         SOCR8202           STAT7038             COMP8910*       


S2 starters

Semester 2         COMP6240          COMP6730          STAT7055             SOCR8201

Semester 1         STAT7038             SOCR8202           COMP8410          STAT6026


*In 2024 DADAN students can substitute COMP8430 for COMP8910

Please consult the CECC MADA/ GCDE page for detailed info about fees, tuition sponsorships, courses, FAQ etc MADA/GCDE Blended Learning | ANU School of Computing

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