• Total units 48 Units
  • Areas of interest Business Information Systems, Management, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Information Technology More...
  • Major code INFS-MAJ

The Information Systems major integrates conceptual and practical skills related to the creation, flow and usage of information within organisations. Students develop an understanding of organisations, and the knowledge and skills required for systems analysis and design, and to manage organisational computer systems applications, preparing them to pursue a professional career in the Information Technology industry.

Learning Outcomes

  1. ProfessionalSkills Mapping:
  2. Mappingof Learning Outcomes to Professional Competencies 

Areas of Interest

  • Business Information Systems
  • Management
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced Computing
  • Information Systems
  • Information - Intensive Computing
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Software Development
  • Algorithms and Data
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Computer Systems
  • Computer Engineering
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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must consist of:

42 units from the completion of the following course(s):

COMP2120 - Software Engineering (6 units)

COMP2400 - Relational Databases (6 units)

COMP2410 - Networked Information Systems (6 units)

INFS1001 - Business Information Systems (6 units)

INFS2024 - Information Systems Analysis (6 units)

INFS3024 - Information Systems Management (6 units)

INFS3059 - Project Management and Information Systems (6 units)

6 units from the completion of the following course(s):

COMP3425 - Data Mining (6 units)

COMP3430 - Data Wrangling (6 units)

COMP3900 - Human Computer Interface Design and Evaluation (6 units)

COMP4650 - Document Analysis (6 units)

INFS3002 - Enterprise Systems in Business (6 units)

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