• Length 2.5 years full-time
  • Minimum 120 Units
Admission requirements
  • Mode of delivery
    • Internal

About this degree

The program is available for entry both in Semester 1 (February ) and 2 (July).

Enrolment Status

It is possible to enrol in less than 24 units per semester but it will take you longer to finish your program and get your degree. If you are an international student you must always be enrolled full-time in 24 units each semester.

You are encouraged to enrol in courses for both First Semester and Second Semester.  You will be able to change your enrolment in courses up until Monday of week 2 of each semester without penalty.


48 units (8 courses) from the listed courses. Please also refer to the following link for further information of the ANU courses leading to exemption status from Institute of Actuaries, Australia (IAA).

Study Options

Master of Actuarial Practice

Two and half year graduate coursework program: Students are able to complete the Foundation Program and Associate Program from the Institute of Actuaries. The study plan varies for students commencing in Semester 2 (July).

Academic Advice

Credits or exemptions will not be granted if they will result in ineligibility for actuarial accreditation (https://cbe.anu.edu.au/about/professional-organisations-accreditation/actuaries-institute-requirements). If we are not certain as to the student’s eligibility for accreditation, then it is up to the student to provide proof of how their prior study results in eligibility for the Institute of Actuaries (Australia) accreditation.

If after reading through these guidelines you are unsure about which courses to enrol in, you can seek advice during Orientation Week or contact the Program Convener, Dr Robert Clark.

If you are required to have a permission number to enrol in a course, or any course that is approved by Dr Robert Clark, please complete an Application Form for Enrolment Change and submit it to the CBE Student Services or email info.cbe@anu.edu.au.


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