A flexible vertical degree is an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree in one study program - gain two qualifications in less time.

Master of Financial Management and Law

A single two year postgraduate award offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics and ANU College of Law

Master of Financial Management and Law

2 Years 96 Units MFIML

Study plan and program details

A student admitted to a program for a coursework award must enrol in the courses, sequences of courses, or combinations of courses, that the University determines may be included in the program for the year in which the student is admitted to the program.

Please ensure that you follow the study requirements of the academic year you were admitted or, if accepted, will be admitted to the program.

Market behaviours significantly shape our society and the financial sector is always a central concern of policymaking. This unique Master of Financial Management and Law is designed to equip graduates with a sophisticated level of understanding of finance and financial systems, alongside knowledge of the legal and regulatory context and frameworks that shape financial sector activity and decision-making. Rather than a series of 'finance law' subjects taught within a Master of Laws, this degree draws on course content from different disciplinary areas, combining rigorous courses on essential elements of finance with compulsory and elective law courses. The degree is available for both law and non-law graduates and has a flexible structure across its two years. It is highly suited to those working or seeking to work in financial and advisory firms, policy and regulatory bodies, the legal profession, and elsewhere.

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