An undergraduate degree is perfect for school leavers, or those who haven’t been to university before.

Bachelor of Computing

A single three year undergraduate award offered by the ANU College of Engineering Computing & Cybernetics

Bachelor of Computing

3 Years 144 Units BCOMP

Study plan and program details

The Bachelor of Computing program allows students to approach computer science from either a technical, constructive angle, starting with courses in programming, or from a conceptual, critical or information and organisational management angle. It widens the approach to computing to include the creative and conceptual touch, starting by applying scripting to the application area of new media (video and audio), rather than from learning traditional general purpose programming languages applied to algorithms. The technically oriented student can major in Software Development; whereas the more conceptually oriented student can major in Information Systems.


All of the majors are founded on an introduction to the principles of programming, a broad perspective on the computing discipline and profession, and an introduction to the functional structure of computers. They also require a grounding in mathematics and theoretical computer science, which is a means of developing the ability to work with abstractions, a fundamental requirement for understanding and applying ideas in computing.

You will get a strong grounding in computing fundamentals to tackle the progressive nature of Computing. With computing being an intrinsic part of all industries, knowledge of software development and information systems is highly sought after by the best employers.


This degree can also be taken as a flexible double with almost any other degree at ANU.

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