An undergraduate degree is perfect for school leavers, or those who haven’t been to university before.

Bachelor of Economics

A single three year undergraduate award offered by the ANU College of Business and Economics

Bachelor of Economics

3 Years 144 Units BECON

Study plan and program details

Why is something as superfluous as diamonds so costly, but something as essential as water so cheap? How can the cost of the coffee beans make up only a few cents of the price of a cup of coffee? With the world’s highest minimum wage rate, can Australia ever compete with low wage countries?


The ANU Bachelor of Economics provides a framework and a way of thinking to help answer questions like these. Your coursework will span economics (both theory and applied), economic history, and econometrics while developing your analytical problem-solving and quantitative skills.


Whether working as an economist or in some other role, your Bachelor of Economics degree and training will be sought after.

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