• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Economics
  • Minor code SBEC-MIN
Strategy, Behaviour and Economics Minor

Students will examine applications where firms and individuals interact strategically with each other. Economic models which incorporate psychological insights will also be examined.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply behavioural economics ideas to practical situations, both to explain observations and to suggest policy improvements;

  2. Recognise the strategic issues in a problem and understand how a game theorist might decide on the appropriate tools to analyse it;

  3. Understand the underlying structure of simple games used in other courses.

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

24 units from the completion of the following course(s):

ECON2013 - Behavioural Economics (6 units)

ECON2014 - Managerial Economics (6 units)

ECON2141 - Strategic Thinking: An Introduction to Game Theory (P) (6 units)

ECON3057 - Industrial Organisation(P) (6 units)

or ECON3157 - Industrial Organisation(H) (6 units)

ECON3152 - Game Theory(P) (6 units)

or ECON3153 - Game Theory(H) (6 units)

ECON3180 - Advanced Behavioural Economics (6 units)

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