• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Economics, Finance
  • Specialisation code ITFN-SPEC
International Trade and Finance Specialisation

Economic policies for international trade and finance rely on advanced understanding and high-level skills in quantitative economics. This specialisation will provide students with advanced knowledge of trade and finance theory combined with applied quantitative analysis and interpretation of trade and financial data.

Learning Outcomes

  1.  Understand and apply modern trade and finance theories to policy-relevant economic problems.
  2. Design and carry out quantitative analysis of trade and financial data.
  3. Display expertise in interpreting and analysing the results of empirical trade and financial analyses.

Other Information

This specialisation is only available to students undertaking the Master of International and Development Economics degree program. IDEC8011 and IDEC8033 are eligible to count towards the specialisation on approval of the course convener, provided the research essay or project falls within the field of the specialisation.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units from the following international trade and finance courses:

ECON8015 International Economics

FINM7006 Applied Foundations of Finance

FINM7007 Applied Corporate Finance

FINM7008 Applied Investments

FINM7044 Applied Valuation

FINM8007 Topics in International Finance

IDEC8010 Quantitative International Economics

IDEC8011 Masters Research Essay

IDEC8014 Quantitative Financial Economics

IDEC8033 Research Project

IDEC8083 Financial Markets and Instruments

IDEC8127 Modelling the Global Economy: techniques and policy implications

POGO8015 Foreign Direct Investment Policy

POGO8213 The Global Trading System

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