• Length 2 years full-time
  • Minimum 96 Units
Admission requirements
Do you want to talk to someone before enrolling? Contact info.cbe@anu.edu.au
  • Mode of delivery
    • Internal

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The choice of Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is important to your career and the decision demands a careful analysis of the benefits to you as a graduate. If you aspire to a leadership role in business or government, the ANU MBA has much to offer.

Single degree

The program requires 96 units:

  • Core Courses (72 units) 
  • Elective Courses (24 units)

About this degree

Students can chose to focus on one of the following specialisations:

Enrolment Status

It is possible to enrol in fewer courses per semester but it will take you longer to finish your program and get your degree. If you are an international student you must always be enrolled full-time in 24 units each semester.

Remember you will need to enrol in courses for both First Semester and Second Semester.  You will be able to change your enrolment in courses up until the end of week 2 of each semester without penalty.

Study Options

Master of Business Administration

This is a sample study plan for the MBA. There are many other possible combinations of courses. After reading the programs and courses website, if you need additional advice in order to select your courses, please contact mba@anu.edu.au.

Study Options

Year 1 48 units FINM7006 Foundations of Finance 6 units MGMT7001 Business Communication 6 units MKTG7001 Marketing 6 units MGMT7170 Tools and Techniques for Business Project Management 6 units
ECON8069 Business Economics 6 units MGMT7030 Foundations of Management 6 units BUSI7033 International Strategic Management 6 units BUSN8181 Financial Reporting and Analysis 6 units

Academic Advice

Before applying for any credit or exemption towards the program, students (except the ANU students) should include details of the ANU courses for which they seek for status on the form: http://www.anu.edu.au/sites/www.gaia-web1.anu.edu.au/files/resource/application-for-course-credit-st... They also are required to attach with the course outlines of their previous studies.

It is advisable that students discuss their course selection with the Program Convener (mba@anu.edu.au). He is available during the orientation week or by appointment. Please ensure you take a copy of your academic transcript with you when you meet with him.

 If you are required to have a permission number to enrol the course, or any course that is approved by program convener, please complete Enrolment Change Form (http://www.anu.edu.au/sites/www.gaia-web1.anu.edu.au/files/resource/Enrolment-Change.pdf) and submit it to the CBE front office, or email to info.cbe@anu.edu.au.

Do you want to talk to someone before enrolling?

Contact info.cbe@anu.edu.au

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