• Total units 48 Units
  • Major code GLAS-MAJ
  • Academic career Undergraduate

This major is only available to students undertaking the Bachelor of Visual Arts.

The internationally recognised Glass Workshop offers students one of the best educational experiences in the field today.  Over the past twenty-five years, the school has developed a reputation for producing artists with impressive portfolios and boasts an exceptionally high rate of graduates who become practicing professionals.  This major focuses on developing the strengths of an individuals’ practice whilst providing a sound technical foundation and also helping students locate their work within the broader context of the visual arts.  Courses are led through one-on-one teaching, group presentations and seminars. A vibrant visiting artists program provides unique opportunities for students to work closely with contemporary luminaries. The diversity of training across the areas of conceptual and technique development, material knowledge, history and equipment use encourages the development of a cohesive community for a high level of exchange and dialogue within the Glass Workshop.


Learning outcomes

Students who complete this major will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • demonstrate skills and knowledge of the practices, languages, forms, materials, technologies and techniques in the creation of glass art.
  • apply relevant skills and knowledge to realise artefacts and forms of creative expression.
  • develop and evaluate concepts and process by thinking creatively, critically and reflectively. 
  • work independently and collaboratively in a workshop environment in response to project demands.
  • apply occupational health and safety regulations and principles within a workshop environment.
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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must consist of:

This major is available only to students undertaking the Bachelor of Visual Arts.

48 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ARTV1301 Glass Introduction 6
ARTV1302 Glass: Processes and Methods 6
ARTV2313 Glass: Kiln Casting 6
ARTV2314 Glass: Blowing and Finishing Techniques in context 6
ARTV2315 Glass: Kiln Forming 6
ARTV2316 Glass: Advanced Hot and Cold Glass Working Process 6
ARTV3028 Craft and Design Major 7: Developing A Visual Arts Practice 6
ARTV3029 Craft and Design Major 8: Resolving a Body of Original Work 6
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