• Total units 24 Units
  • Specialisation code SPAN-SPEC
  • Academic career Postgraduate
Spanish Language and Culture Specialisation

ANU is Australia’s leading university in research and teaching of languages. Make the most of your opportunity to learn a new language, or extend your knowledge of a language you already know, while applying to this language the skills of analysis and description that you will master in your degree.

Specialists from the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences will equip you with critical language learning approaches and an in-depth understanding of the concepts of general linguistics and how to apply that knowledge. You will be taught by Hispanic Studies specialists, linguists and experts in oral, dramatic and textual arts.

Career opportunities

This specialisation will advance your career in language-related and cross-cultural work in government and non-government organisations, language technologies or as an independent language practitioner or researcher.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. demonstrate general fluency in oral and written expression as well as in aural and reading comprehension, covering expression in different registers from everyday language use to academic language;
  2. express themselves orally and in writing in different genres;
  3. understand key aspects of culture, history, politics and society;
  4. demonstrate intercultural awareness, including critically comparing and reflecting on cross-cultural differences between Spanish-speaking and Australian cultures and/or their native culture; and
  5. conduct research on a topic related to Spanish and its associated cultures, and to write an essay on their research outcomes.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

A minimum of 12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

FILM6013 Cinema from the Spanish-speaking World

SPAN6022 Intermediate Spanish II (Language and Linguistics)

SPAN6501 Introduction to Spanish I

SPAN6502 Introduction to Spanish II

SPAN6503 Continuing Spanish I

SPAN6504 Continuing Spanish II

SPAN6505 Selected Topics in Spanish I

SPAN6506 Selected Topics in Spanish II

SPAN6507 Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN6508 Intermediate Spanish II (Language and Culture)

SPAN6509 Advanced Spanish Topics in Language and Linguistics

SPAN6510 Advanced Spanish Topics in Language and Culture

SPAN6511 Music and Society in the Spanish-Speaking World

SPAN6513 Current Affairs in the Spanish-Speaking World

SPAN6514 The Structure of Spanish

SPAN6517 Cinema from the Spanish-speaking World

SPAN6518 The Sounds of Spanish

SPAN6604 Language Variation Across the Spanish-speaking World


A maximum of 12 units from completion of courses from the following list, which must be completed in a Spanish topic: 

LANG6001 Translation across Languages: The Translation of Literary Texts

LANG6002 Translation across Languages: Specialised Materials

LANG6016 Translation Project

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