• Total units 24 Units
  • Specialisation code DVPL-SPEC
  • Academic career Postgraduate
Development Policy Specialisation

Sound development policy relies on effectively assisting developing countries while enhancing self-sufficiency, agency, and improved governance. This specialisation at ANU, a leading international centre for development, provides students with an advanced analytical understanding of the economic principles and politics underlying development policies. Compulsory courses in the specialisation establish conceptual and applied policy-relevant evaluation techniques and emphasise the economy-wide aspects of development, with a focus on international dimensions of policy-making. Elective courses offer specialisation in foreign aid, the microeconomics of development, economic incentives and institutions, cost-benefit analysis, poverty reduction and environmental planning. To maximise learning and career outcomes for those in public, private and non-government sectors, an Academic Convenor provides advice on course planning, events of interest and meets regularly with the group.

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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

12 units from completion of the following compulsory courses:

IDEC8026 Quantitative Policy Impact Evaluation

IDEC8022 Economic Development


12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

IDEC8007 Aid and Development Policy

IDEC8081 The Economics of Incentives and Institutions

IDEC8123 Topics in International and Development Economics

IDEC8028 The Microeconomics of Development

IDEC8088 Cost-Benefit Analysis: Principles and Practice

POGO8004 Poverty Reduction

POGO8095 Development Policy and Practice

POGO8082 Political Institutions and Policy Processes

POGO8101 Policy Process and Analysis


This specialisation is available only to students undertaking the Master of International and Development Economics and Master of Environmental and Resource Economics degree programs.

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