• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest English
  • Minor code ENGL-MIN

The English minor at the ANU offers a wide range of courses reflecting the diversity of the discipline of literary studies in English. There are courses in all the main fields of post-medieval British literary studies from the late sixteenth century to the present day, including the Early Modern, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century, Romantic and Victorian, Modern and Contemporary periods. There are courses in Australian, US, postcolonial and transnational literatures in English; in literary and cultural theory; in drama, film, new media, and creative writing. English 1000 level-courses introduce students to major genres and modes of writing and to literary-critical practice. English 2000/3000 level courses enable students to broaden and develop their knowledge and enjoyment of literature in a variety of important specialist fields.

Learning Outcomes

  1. analyse texts by diverse authors and in different genres in several important fields of literary studies in English;
  2. evaluate the historical and cultural contexts in which literature in English has been written and shaped;
  3. analyse literary texts in relation to these contexts; and
  4. interpret, evaluate and make an argument about texts using appropriate written expression.

Relevant Degrees

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

12 units from the completion of the following course(s):

ENGL1014 - Close Encounters: How to Read Literature (6 units)

ENGL1013 - Reading across Time and Space: Literary Contexts (6 units)

12 units from the completion of the following course(s):

ENGL2006 - Modern American Fiction (6 units)

ENGL3005 - 16th, 17th and 18th Century Literature(H) (6 units)

ENGL2011 - Contemporary Australian Writing (6 units)

ENGL2015 - Introduction to Creative Writing (6 units)

ENGL2101 - Modern European Theatre (6 units)

ENGL2108 - Modern Australian Drama (6 units)

ENGL2055 - Shakespeare and Film (6 units)

ENGL2067 - Adaptation: From Text to Screen (6 units)

GEND2021 - Trauma, Memory and Culture (6 units)

ENGL2068 - Empire and its Fictions (6 units)

ENGL2074 - Jane Austen History and Fiction (6 units)

ENGL2115 - 20th Century American Drama (6 units)

ENGL2077 - Creative Writing 2: Story to Script (6 units)

ENGL2078 - Creative Writing 3: Advanced Fiction (6 units)

ENGL2081 - Australian Crimes: Crime narratives on page, stage and screen (6 units)

ENGL2080 - Modernist Literature 1890-1940 (6 units)

ENGL2083 - Foundations of Drama (6 units)

ENGL2084 - Poetry in English from Shakespeare to Postmodernism (6 units)

ENGL2085 - Strange Home: Rethinking Australian Literature (6 units)

ENGL2086 - Literature in the Digital Age: Theories, Texts, Methods (6 units)

ENGL3021 - Nineteenth Century US Literature (6 units)

ENGL3022 - 19th and 20th Century Literature (6 units)

ENGL3008 - Introduction to Literary Theory (6 units)

ENGL3036 - Victorian Literature (6 units)

ENGL3034 - Queens and Tyrants: Gender and Power in Drama 1580-1630 (6 units)

ENGL2116 - Televisual: Investigating Narrative Television (6 units)

ENGL2117 - The Politics of Comedy from the Globe to The Office (6 units)

ENGL3037 - Literature, Law and Human Rights (6 units)

ENGL2038 - Revolution and Romanticism in British Literature, 1789-1832 (6 units)

SCRN3002 - Screening the Real (6 units)

ENGL3052 - Marx, Nietzsche, Freud: Introduction to European Critical Theory (6 units)

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