• Total units 48 Units
  • Areas of interest Security Studies
  • Specialisation code SEST-HSPC

The Security Studies Honours specialisation provides specialist training in the international, internal, and transnational security challenges currently facing the Asia-Pacific region. As an Honours student, you will have access to the wealth of expertise in security studies across the university and to the great holding of the University and National libraries. You will have expert supervisory guidance and research training that will position you well for future employment or additional postgraduate study. The Security Studies Honours specialisation will provide you with in-depth contextual knowledge, research skills, and the opportunity to build on your previous knowledge in a rigorous way.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Pose a significant research question relating to the study of security;

  2. Investigate this question creatively, critically, ethically, and independently, including through sophisticated use of appropriate theory and methodology as appropriate to the discipline, and place these investigations in the context of the relevant intellectual tradition; and

  3. Communicate their research and its findings through an appropriate medium.

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Admission Requirements

1.   A major or equivalent in Global Security, Peace and Conflict Studies, War Studies or International Relations.

2.   Written approval of an identified supervisor for the thesis

3.   Written approval of the CAP ADSE for the research project. 



This Honours specialisation requires the completion of 48 units, which must consist of:

12 units from STST4001 Fundamentals of Research Design in Security Studies

A minimum of 6 units must come from the completion of the following course(s):

POLS4011 Research Training: Scope and Methods (12 units)

POLS4044 Qualitative Research in Politics

POLS4047 Interpretation, Method, Critique: Interpretivist Methods in the Social Sciences

SOCR4001 Statistics for Social Scientists

SOCR4002 Survey Data Analysis

SOCR4003 Qualitative Research Analysis

SOCR4006 Online Research Methods

SOCR4008 Qualitative Social Research

SOCR4009 Quantitative Social Research

A maximum of 6 units may come from completion of the following course(s):

MEAS4102 Islamic Radicalism

MEAS4109 Energy and Security in Central Asia and the Caucasus

MEAS4111 Islam, The West and International Terrorism

MEAS4112 Dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

MEAS4113 The Gulf Strategic Environment

MEAS4114 Geopolitics of Central Asia

MEAS4115 Islam in World Politics

MEAS4116 Authoritarianism, Democratisation and Protest in the Muslim Middle East

MEAS4117 Islam in Central Asia

MEAS4121 Approaches to the Study of Modern Muslim Societies

POLS4009 Special Topics in Politics and International Relations 1

POLS4010 Special Topics in Politics and International Relations 2

POLS4012 International Cooperation

POLS4013 International Relations Theory

POLS4019 Democracy and its Discontents

POLS4020 Ethnicity and Conflict in Asia and the Pacific

POLS4027 Terrorism & Counter Terrorism

POLS4032 Globalisation: the Interaction of Economics and Politics

POLS4036 Human Rights and Human Responsibility

POLS4038 Comparative Political Institutions

POLS4039 Comparative Political Behavior

POLS4040 Comparative Federalism

POLS4041 Special Topics in Comparative Politics

POLS4043 Violence and Political Order

POLS4058 Islam, Politics and Conflict in Southeast Asia

24 units from THES4103 Thesis, THES4501 Thesis or THES4502 Thesis

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