• Total units 48 Units
  • Areas of interest International Relations, Population Studies, Sociology, Demography
  • Major code DEMO-MAJ

Demography analyses the underlying structure of populations and how they change throughout time and space. It is fundamental to our understanding of the political, social, and economic transformations happening in society today and what the future might hold. Demographers study populations from around the world, and evaluate how population dynamics are linked to key societal concerns, including migration and conflict, climate change and sustainable development, fertility and changing dimensions of the family, and how health and living longer impact on individuals and societies.


ANU is the leading research university in demography in Australia. Students develop a demographic perspective and toolkit, a fundamental way of understanding and evaluating how populations are linked and change throughout time and space and how they interact with different dimensions of society and the wider environment. A demography degree provides students with an analytical skillset and understanding that is in demand and highly valued by a variety of careers, including policy and market research, health and social issue professions, government departments, and international agencies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate an understanding of demographic changes in the world and their major determinants;

  2. draw on demographic methods and population theories to explain past, present and future population characteristics;

  3. apply demographic concepts and theories to understand contemporary socio-economic issues and current affairs;

  4. examine policy issues based on demographic concepts and theories; and

  5. construct an evidence-based argument on population issues using a demographic perspective.

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This major requires the completion of 48 units, which must include:

6 units from completion of the following courses: 

DEMO1001 Global Population Challenges (6 units)

ENVS1001 Environment and Society: Geography of Sustainability (6 units)

INDG1001 Country, Kinship and Continuities: An Introduction to Australian Indigenous Studies (6 units)

SOCR1001 Foundations of Social Research (6 units)

SOCY1002 Self and Society (6 units)

18 units from completion of the following courses: 

DEMO2001 Understanding Population Change (6 units)

DEMO2002 Population Analysis (6 units)

DEMO3001 Population Policy Case Studies (6 units)

 6 units from completion of the following courses: 

SOCY2038 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods (6 units)

 18 units from completion of the following courses: 

ANTH2005 Traditional Australian Indigenous Cultures, Societies and Environment (6 units)

DEMO2003 Migration in the Modern World (6 units)

DEMO2004 Social Inequalities in health (6 units)

DEMO3002 Demographic Research Internship

HIST2112 Plagues, Pandemics and Public Health in History (6 units)

SOCY2035 Cities and urban transformation ( 6 units)

SOCY2057 Relationships, Marriage and Family (6 units)

SOCY2169 Online Research Methods (6 units)

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