• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest History
  • Minor code HIST-MIN

Historians seek to understand societies by studying change and continuity over time. History illuminates everything from individual lives to broad cultural transformations and the character of the contemporary world. It is a core discipline in the humanities and social sciences. It gives students knowledge and skills in research, analysis and writing that are valued in any professional context. 

The ANU is a national leader in History and offers a wide range of courses covering Australia, America, Asia and Europe. Courses trace themes such as empire, terrorism, revolution, war, gender, race, technology and the environment. Some focus on philosophies that underlie historical analysis or techniques of historical research. All core courses train students in historical theory and method.

A Minor in History complements majors in many fields, including: politics, international relations, law, archaeology, anthropology, languages, literature, art history, philosophy, development studies, policy and any kind of area studies. 

Note: Students are not required to undertake units from the elective list and may choose to construct their minor entirely from core courses.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate understanding of at least one period or culture of the past;
  2. examine historical issues by undertaking research according to the methodological and ethical conventions of the discipline;
  3. analyse historical evidence, scholarship and changing representations of the past; and
  4. construct an evidence-based argument or narrative in audio, digital, oral, visual or written form.
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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units at 1000 level.

 A minimum of 18 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

EURO1004 - Europe in the Modern Era (6 units)

HIST1209 - Terror to Terrorism: A History (6 units)

HIST1210 - Environment and History from 1945 (6 units)

HIST1214 - Empires in Global History (6 units)

HIST2022 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History (6 units)

HIST2070 - Emperors, Pilgrims and Crusaders: The World of Byzantium (6 units)

HIST2110 - Approaches to History (6 units)

HIST2112 - Plagues, Pandemics and Public Health in History (6 units)

HIST2128 - Colonies and Post-colony: Nineteenth-Century Australia and its Legacies (6 units)

HIST2133 - Race and Racism in Western Culture, c.1450–1950 (6 units)

HIST2136 - World at War, 1939-1945 (6 units)

HIST2141 - The Cold War: 1945-1989 (6 units)

HIST2142 - Indigenous History and Memory: On Page, Stage and Screen (6 units)

HIST2205 - Europe and the Atlantic World, c.1492-1776 (6 units)

HIST2206 - The Anzac Battlefields and Beyond: A Study Tour of Gallipoli, London, Paris and the Western Front (12 units)

HIST2214 - The Great War: The Conflict that Changed the World (6 units)

HIST2219 - Tudor-Stuart England, c.1485-1714: Politics, Society and Culture (6 units)

HIST2221 - The Birth of Modernity: Britain 1688-1848 (6 units)

HIST2226 - Nazi Germany (6 units)

HIST2227 - Australian Political History (6 units)

HIST2228 - The Enlightenment: Europe and the World 1660-1800 (6 units)

HIST2231 - Exploration: From Captain Cook to the Astronauts (6 units)

HIST2232 - Crime and Justice: Historical Dilemmas (6 units)

HIST2240 - Democracy and Dissent: Europe Since 1945 (6 units)

HIST2242 - The Soviet Union: From the Russian Revolution to the Collapse of Communism (6 units)

HIST2315 - Africans and Afro-descendants (6 units)

HIST3007 - Making History (6 units)

A maximum of 6 units from the completion of the following list:

ARCH2004 - Australian Archaeology (6 units)

ARCH2055 - Archaeological Fieldschools and Fieldwork Practice (6 units)

ARCH2058 - European Prehistory from Cultivation to the Celts (6 units)

ASIA2009 - The Making of Modern Japan: From Samurai to Economic Superpower and Beyond (6 units)

ASIA2016 - The Mongol Empire in World History (6 units)

ASIA2037 - History of Modern China (6 units)

ASIA2040 - The Making of Modern Korea (6 units)

ASIA2044 - Chinese History: The Imperial Period (221 BC - 1800) (6 units)

ASIA2045 - Lies, Conspiracy and Propaganda (6 units)

ASIA2072 - Taiwan: History and Culture (6 units)

ASIA2270 - India Past and Present: The impact of pre-colonial history on India today (6 units)

ASIA2307 - History of Empire in Asia (6 units)

ASIA3011 - Samurai Society and Social Control in Japan (6 units)

ASIA3030 - History of the State System in Southeast Asia (6 units)

ASIA3272 - Truth and Falsity in Indian History and Politics (6 units)

ENGL2022 - Jane Austen: History and Fiction (6 units)

MEAS2000 - Iranian History and Culture (6 units)

MEAS2003 - Modern Turkey: History, Society and Culture (6 units)

MEAS2006 - Gallipoli: A Transnational History (6 units)

MUSI2222 - Music in the Long Nineteenth Century: From Classicism to Modernism (6 units)

PASI2002 - Australia in Oceania in the 19th and 20th Centuries (6 units)

POLS2100 - Genocide in the Modern World (6 units)

SCRN2003 - Film and History: Hollywood and Beyond (6 units)

WARS2004 - War in the Islands: The Second World War in the Pacific (6 units)

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