• Total units 24 Units
  • Specialisation code LIBA-SPEC
  • Academic career Postgraduate

By undertaking a robust specialisation with courses drawn from the strongly interrelated areas of cultural heritage, museums, collections, visual and material culture studies, and biographical research and writing, students will be offered the opportunity to capitalise on the College of Arts and Social Science’s industry connections and partnerships, and to gain a deeper understanding of a range of relevant national institutions and professional contexts.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:
  1. critically apply theoretical frameworks and research techniques to understanding national and international issues and problems;
  2. relate liberal arts to their wider cultural and societal context;
  3. critically evaluate ideas and develop creative solutions to complex problems; and
  4. communicate and debate complex issues both orally and in writing using a variety of media.
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This specialisation requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

24 units from completion of the following course(s):

Code Title Units
ANTH8041 Photography in Social Context 6
ARTH6045 Curatorship Theory and Practice 12
ARTV8100 Points Of View 6
ARTV8107 Arguing Objects 6
EURO8003 The European Union: Regional Integration in Comparative Perspective. 6
HIST6007 Making History 6
HIST6110 Approaches to History 6
HIST8004 Biographical Research Project 12
HIST8010 Biographical Practices 6
HIST8011 Writing Biography 6
  HIST 8012: Oral History
HIST8013 Australian Dictionary of Biography Internship 12
HIST8021 Readings in History 6
HUMN8001 Interdisciplinary Humanities Research: Methods, Theories and Skills 6
HUMN8003 Cultural and Environmental Heritage: Key concepts and practices 12
  HUMN 8004: Connections to Country
  HUMN 8005: Cultural Landscapes
HUMN8006 Best Practice in Managing Heritage Places 6
HUMN8007 Cultural and Environmental Heritage Research Project 6
HUMN8008 World Rock Art: Global Perspectives on Rock Art Research 6
HUMN8009 Biography and Society 6
HUMN8010 Material Culture Studies 6
  HUMN 8011: WWHL Key concepts
HUMN8012 Writing, World Histories and Lives: Research Project 6
HUMN8013 Writing, World Histories and Lives: Special topics 6
  HUMN 8015: Freilich Topics in Bigotry
  HUMN 8016: Rock Art Research
HUMN8017 Writing, World Histories and Lives:Extended Research Project 12
HUMN8018 Cultural and Environmental Heritage: Extended Research Project 12
HUMN8019 World Heritage: conserving cultural heritage values 6
HUMN8020 Masterclass in Cultural Heritage and Collections 6
HUMN8021 Managing Small Museums and Heritage Places 6
HUMN8022 Physical Conservation of Historic Heritage Places 6
HUMN8023 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 6
  HUMN 8024: Digital Humanities
HUMN8026 Writing in the Public Sphere 6
HUMN8027 Critical issues in Heritage and Museum Studies 6
MUSC8001 Museums and Society 6
MUSC8002 Museums and Collections: Meaning and Message 6
MUSC8003 Museum, Collection, and Heritage Management 6
MUSC8004 Internship 1 6
MUSC8005 Internship 2 6
MUSC8006 Indigenous Collections and Exhibitions 6
  MUSC 8007: MUSC concepts and practices
MUSC8008 Museums, Art and Society in the Asia-Pacific 6
MUSC8009 Museums and Collections: Research Project 6
  MUSC 8010: Exhibition Innovations
MUSC8011 Museums and Collections: Extended Research Project 12
MUSC8012 Understanding Learning in Museums and Heritage 6
MUSC8013 Museum Education and Heritage Interpretation Study Tour 6
  MUSC 8014: Exhibition Design and Delivery
  MUSC 8015: Building Communities
MUSC8016 Museum Learning: The Politics of Dress 6
  VISC 8003: Ethnographic Film
  VISC 8005: Digital Media Methods
  VISC 8006: Visual Research Project
  VISC 8008: VCR: Special Topics
  VISC 8009: Think with Video Cam (Ints)
  VISC 8010: Visual Cultures of Asia
  VISC 8011: VCR: Extended Project
  VISC 8012: Framing the World
VISC8015 Research with a Video Camera 12
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