• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Australian Indigenous Studies
  • Minor code AUIS-MIN
Australian Indigenous Studies Minor

The minor in Australian Indigenous Studies enables students with an interest in Australian Indigenous Studies to take a set of interrelated courses in different disciplines without the normal prerequisite required in each course. The major is interdisciplinary, in which it is possible to combine courses from anthropology, archaeology, art, history, linguistics, music, public policy, and gender studies for a broadly based understanding of Australian Indigenous societies and cultures, both past and present. Taken together, the courses provide a comprehensive insight into Australian Indigenous Studies including Indigenous epistemologies; Indigenous occupation and adaption on the Australian continent; Indigenous socio-cultural, ceremonial, artistic and linguistic practices past and present; impacts of European colonisation; histories of relationships between Indigenous and other Australians; the situation of Indigenous peoples in Australia today; and related issues of representation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. understand Australian Indigenous history and culture, and policies pertaining to Indigenous Australians;

  2. analyse the ways in which history and culture informs Australian Indigenous perspectives on a range of topics, including responses to policy;

  3. understand Australian Indigenous cultures and traditions; and

  4. analyse Australian Indigenous concerns in the global context.

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Advice to Students

ARTV2921 must be completed on an Australian Indigenous Studies topic to count towards this minor.  

This minor requires the completion of 24 units from the following lists including:

18 units from the completion of the following course(s):

INDG1001 - Indigenous Peoples, Populations and Communities (6 units)

INDG1002 - Indigenous Peoples and Civil, Political and Legal Rights in Australia (6 units)

HIST2022 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History (6 units)

6 units from the completion of the following course(s):

ANTH2005 - Traditional Australian Indigenous Cultures, Societies and Environment (6 units)

ARTH2098 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art (6 units)

ARTV2921 - Environment Studio: field based research and studio practice in visual arts (6 units)

HLTH3001 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (6 units)

INDG2001 - Indigenous Cultural and Natural Resource Management (6 units)

INDG2002 - Contemporary Australian Indigenous Music Studies (6 units)

INDG2003 - Gamilaraay - introduction to an Australian Indigenous Language (6 units)

INDG2004 - Continuing Gamilaraay (6 units)

INDG2005 - Introduction to an Australian Indigenous Language (36 units)

INDG2006 - Continuing Australian Indigenous Language (36 units)

INDG3001 - Public policy development and implementation and Indigenous Australians (6 units)

INDG3003 - The Indigenous Economy (6 units)

INDG3005 - Special Topics in Indigenous Studies (6 units)

INDG3006 – Indigenous Research: Practice, collaboration and ethics (6 units)

LING2016 - Language and Society in Indigenous Australia (6 units)

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