• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest European Languages, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Translation Studies, Central Asia Studies, Language Studies
  • Minor code RUSS-MIN

Russian is the language of a major world power and the common language, or lingua franca, of many millions of people in the countries of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It is the basis of a unique culture of literature, film, drama and opera, and the language of a large body of scientific literature. It is also the language of a large immigrant community in Australia. The Russian minor provides the linguistic grounding on which students may build a familiarity with that rich cultural tradition.

Courses in this minor are offered through ANU, except for two offered through Macquarie University in distance mode. For the purpose of the minor, 3 credit points from Macquarie University is the equivalent to 6 units from ANU. 

Students with existing knowledge of Russian can begin at a more advanced level, and the exact sequence of courses depends on the level at which the student begins the minor.

Learning Outcomes

  1. read, comprehend and infer authors' meanings in media such as newspapers, magazines, literary and academic texts written in Russian;
  2. engage in short conversations in Russian with clarity and accuracy;
  3. write texts in Russian with correct script and grammatical structures, and appropriate vocabulary; and
  4. identify aspects of Russian-speaking cultures and societies as evident in Russian language texts and other media.
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Advice to students:

All Language Studies (LANG) courses must have a Course Topic of Russian to be included in this minor

Minor requirements:

This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

RUSS1003   Reading Russian for Academic Purposes I   (6 units)

RUSS1004   Reading Russian for Academic Purposes II   (6 units)

A minimum of 12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

Through Macquarie University:

RUSS2010  Russian Studies 3  (3 credit points / 6 units)

RUSS2020  Russian Studies 4  (3 credit points / 6 units)

Through ANU:

LANG3001   Translation across Languages: the translation of literary texts (6 units)

LANG3002   Translation across Languages: the translation of specialised material   (6 units)

A maximum of 12 units from completion of courses from the following list:

POLS2069   Politics in Russia   (6 units)

HIST2242  The Soviet Union: From the Russian Revolution to the Collapse of Communism  (6 units)


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