• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, History, Asian Studies More...
  • Minor code NAST-MIN
  • Academic career Undergraduate


Northeast Asian Studies offers a suite of courses covering the cultures, societies, histories, philosophies and religions of China, Korea and Japan. It has a particular strength in the modern popular film and literature of these countries while not neglecting their respective and intertwined histories—both antagonistic and cooperative. A Northeast Asian Studies minor provides students with a solid foundation upon which to develop both general and specialist interests in Chinese, Korean and Japanese culture, history, society and thought.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a Bachelor degree with a minor in Northeast Asian Studies Minor, graduates will be able to: 

  • Speak and write about theories, factual content and research approaches relevant to the history of the Northeast Asian Studies.
  • Identify relevant regional and international literature relevant to Northeast Asian Studies.
  • Determine the processes through which current knowledge about Northeast Asian Studies has been developed.      


    Course Lists

    The course lists in the "Requirements" section below is a definitive    list and includes all courses that can be counted towards the major,    whether or not they are offered in the current year. For a list of    courses that will be offered in the current year, please see the Summary of Courses page.

    Areas of Interest

    • Anthropology
    • Cultural Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • History
    • Asian Studies
    • Asia Pacific Studies
    • Literature
    • Asia-Pacific Studies
    • Politics
    • International Security
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    This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

    12 units from completion of the following course(s):

    Code Title Units
    ASIA2058 Japanese Popular Culture: Manga, Anime, Film & the Visual Arts 6
    ASIA2366 Chinese Culture 6
    ASIA2040 Modern Korea 6
    ASIA2049 Politics and Society in Contemporary Korea 6

    12 units from completion of the following course(s):

    Code Title Units
    ASIA2001 Language in Asia 6
    ASIA2003 Chinese Literature 6
    ASIA2006 Gender in Korean History 6
    ASIA2009 Modern Japan: the state and the society from Meiji to the present 6
    ASIA2014 China Now: Ideology, Media and Culture 6
    ASIA2016 The Mongol Empire in World History 6
    ASIA2017 International Relations in North East Asia 6
    ASIA2020 Engaging Asia: Working with Government 6
    ASIA2023 Japanese Economic Development Since World War 2 6
    ASIA2026 The Politics of China 6
    ASIA2031 Japanese Politics 6
    ASIA2032 Japanese Law and Society 6
    ASIA2037 History of Modern China 6
    ASIA2040 Modern Korea 6
    ASIA2042 China through Film and Television 6
    ASIA2045 The Investigative Historian in Asia: reading between the lies 6
    ASIA2049 Politics and Society in Contemporary Korea 6
    ASIA2054 Chinese Philosophy: Creation and Development 6
    ASIA2055 Music and Society in Twentieth-Century Korea 6
    ASIA2056 Korean and Japanese Cinema: Shaping Identities through the Lens 6
    ASIA2058 Japanese Popular Culture: Manga, Anime, Film & the Visual Arts 6
    ASIA2066 The Chinese Art of War: Sunzi Bingfa 6
    ASIA2071 Other Chinas 6
    ASIA2072 Taiwan: History and Culture 6
    ASIA2073 Chinese Calligraphy: History and Practice 6
    ASIA2074 Popular Culture in East Asia 6
    ASIA2077 Varieties of Chinese 6
    ASIA2080 Korean Film: History, Culture and Society 6
    ASIA2166 East Asian Women and War 6
    ASIA2174 Mysticism 6
    ASIA2203 Archaeology of China 6
    ASIA2251 Buddhist Thought 6
    ASIA2309 Education and Social Change in Modern Japan 6
    ASIA2366 Chinese Culture 6
    ASIA2367 People in History: Foundations of Chinese Studies B 6
    ASIA3006 Practical Assignment in Asia and the Pacific 6-12
    ASIA3012 Readings in Asian Societies and Histories 6
      ASIA 3013: Read Asian Soc & Hist_B
    ASIA3020 Accessing Japanese Law: Contemporary Issues in Japanese Law and Society 6
    ASIA3026 Advanced topics in Asian Studies 6-12
    ASIA3050 From Angkor Wat to Rapa Nui: UNESCO World Heritage in SE Asia & the Pacific 6
      ASIA 4016: Asian Diasporas
    ASIA3814 Politics of the Korean Peninsula 6
    BUSI2023 Dynamics of Asian Business 6
      LANG 3023: Translation Workshop
    LANG3040 Critical Readings for Translators 6
      LANG 4001: Translation in Asia
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