• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Visual Arts
  • Minor code VAPR-MIN
  • Academic career Undergraduate

The Visual Arts Practice minor offers students in a range of programs the opportunity to undertake practice-based study in the ANU School of Art & Design. Students have the opportunity to study across a range of studio disciplines or focus their studies in one or two workshops. The 1000-level courses provide students with a visual and artistic literacy which forms the basis for 2000-level studio practice courses. Students will become part of the School of Art & Design's vibrant and cohesive artistic community and enjoy close proximity to major collecting institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia. Studies in Art History and Theory provide a strong complement to this minor.

School of Art & Design studio courses have a limited enrolment capacity. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible to maximise the opportunity of securing a place.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

    1. demonstrate an understanding and application of the practices, languages, forms, materials, technologies and techniques in the creation of art in a variety of forms;
    2. realise artefacts and forms of creative expression;
    3. develop and evaluate concepts and process by thinking creatively, critically and reflectively;
    4. work independently and collaboratively in a workshop environment in response to project demands; and
    5. apply workplace health and safety (WHS) regulations and principles within a workshop environment.

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    School of Art & Design studio courses have a limited enrolment capacity. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible to maximise the opportunity of securing a place.

    Unless otherwise stated, a course used to satisfy the requirements of one list may not be double counted towards satisfying the requirements of another list.


    This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must consist of:

    A maximum of 12 units may come from completion of courses from the following list:

    Code Title Units
    ARTV1020 Figure & Life 6
    ARTV1021 Image and Object 6
    ARTV1033 Hold Everything: Studio Foundation 6
    ARTV1101 Ceramics: Introduction to Clay Forming and Technology 6
    ARTV1102 Ceramics: Throwing & Surface Decoration 6
    ARTV1103 Animation and Video: The Digital Workspace 6
    ARTV1104 Animation and Video: Digital Equipment and Studios 6
    ARTV1201 Furniture: Shape/Structure 6
    ARTV1202 Furniture: Elevate/Surface 6
    ARTV1301 Glass Hot Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice 6
    ARTV1302 Glass Kiln Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice 6
    ARTV1403 Jewellery & Object: Introduction to Precise Miniature Construction 6
    ARTV1404 Jewellery & Object: Maker, Wearer, Viewer, User 6
    ARTV1501 Painting: Introducing Painting 6
    ARTV1502 Painting: Composition & Space 6
    ARTV1601 Photomedia: Foundations of photography, printing and camera skills 6
    ARTV1602 Photomedia: Colour Photography and Digital Skills 6
    ARTV1703 Drawing into Print : Etching and Relief 6
    ARTV1704 Drawing into Print: Screen Printing and Stencils 6
    ARTV1803 Sculpture: Introduction to Conceptual Practices and Construction Methods (Metal and Fabric) 6
    ARTV1804 Sculpture: Introduction to Temporal Practices and Construction Methods (Wood) 6
    ARTV1901 Textiles: Dye and Surface Manipulation 6
    ARTV1902 Textiles: Print and Surface Design 6
    DESA1021 Precise Drawing and Model Making 6

    A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

    Code Title Units
    ARTV2039 Craft and Design Practice-led Research 6
    ARTV2057 Hands On: Material Language 6
    ARTV2059 Introduction to Virtual Reality 6
    ARTV2060 Contexts of Making: Globalisation and Change 6
    ARTV2117 Ceramics: Glaze & Colour Development 6
    ARTV2119 Ceramics: Experimental Methods and Meanings 6
    ARTV2120 Ceramics: Designing for the Table and Home 6
    ARTV2124 Ceramics: Surface, Form and Connectivity 6
    ARTV2125 Ceramics: Moulding, Casting & Digital Technologies 6
    ARTV2206 Furniture: Bend/Curve 6
    ARTV2207 Furniture: Support/Body 6
    ARTV2208 Furniture: Contain/Display 6
    ARTV2209 Furniture: Collect/Treasure 6
    ARTV2313 Glass Kiln Casting for Contemporary Practice 6
    ARTV2314 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Materiality and Form 6
    ARTV2315 Glass Kiln Forming for Contemporary Practice 6
    ARTV2316 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Utility and Narrative 6
    ARTV2401 Jewellery & Object: Making with machines 6
    ARTV2402 Jewellery & Object: Utility as Context 6
    ARTV2410 Jewellery & Object: Experimenting with process 6
    ARTV2421 Jewellery & Object: Hollow Construction 6
    ARTV2506 Painting: Approaches to Abstraction 6
    ARTV2507 Painting: Painting in the Photo Digital Age 6
    ARTV2508 Painting: Taking Your Own Direction 6
    ARTV2509 Painting: Approaches to Composition and Colour 6
    ARTV2605 Photomedia: Advanced Principles in Exposure and Printing 6
    ARTV2606 Photomedia: Digital Photography and Studio Lighting 6
    ARTV2607 Photomedia: Large Format Photography 6
    ARTV2608 Photomedia: Experimental Processes 6
    ARTV2609 Animation and Video: Visual Storytelling 6
    ARTV2610 Animation and Video: Character development 6
    ARTV2613 Animation and Video: Landscape and Environment 6
    ARTV2614 Animation and Video: Non-linear Forms 6
    ARTV2615 Animation: Creative Possibilities 6
    ARTV2617 Video: Creative Possibilities 6
    ARTV2706 Printmedia and Drawing: Drawing Beyond the Line 6
    ARTV2707 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Etching and Relief Printing 6
    ARTV2708 Printmedia and Drawing: Construct Meaning with Drawing 6
    ARTV2715 Printmedia and Drawing: Typography 6
    ARTV2717 Printmedia and Drawing: The Book as Art 6
    ARTV2723 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Screen Printing 6
    ARTV2727 Printmedia and Drawing: Lithography 6
    ARTV2801 Socially Engaged Art Practice: Authorship, Dialogue and Community 6
    ARTV2802 Politics of Memory: Video Installation, Sculpture, Documentary and Monuments 6
    ARTV2810 Politics of Bodies: Sculpture, Figure Modelling, Performance and Choreography 6
    ARTV2820 Politics of Spaces: Installation, Sculpture and Spatial Practice 6
    ARTV2821 Posthuman Sculpture Practice with Active Materials: Bronze Casting, 3D Modelling and Bio Art 6
    ARTV2906 Textiles: Approaches to Drawing for Craft and Design 6
    ARTV2907 Textiles: Embroidery and Hand Stitch 6
    ARTV2908 Textiles: Constructed Textiles 6
    ARTV2909 Textiles: Maker to Market 6
    ARTV2911 Textiles: Experimental Practices 6
    ARTV2921 Environment Studio: field based research and studio practice in visual arts 6
    ARTV3507 Painting: Open to Influence Studio Research 6
    ARTV3508 Painting: Materiality and Meaning 6
    ARTV3510 Painting: Critical Analysis and Reflection in the Studio 6
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