• Total units 24 Units
  • Areas of interest Visual Arts, Creative Arts
  • Minor code VAPR-MIN

The Visual Arts Practice minor offers students in a range of programs the opportunity to undertake practice-based study in the ANU School of Art & Design. Students have the opportunity to study across a range of studio disciplines or focus their studies in one or two workshops. The 1000-level courses provide students with a visual and artistic literacy which forms the basis for 2000-level studio practice courses. Students will become part of the School of Art & Design's vibrant and cohesive artistic community and enjoy close proximity to major collecting institutions such as the National Gallery of Australia. Studies in Art History and Theory provide a strong complement to this minor.

School of Art & Design studio courses have a limited enrolment capacity. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible to maximise the opportunity of securing a place.

Learning Outcomes

  1. demonstrate an understanding and application of the practices, languages, forms, materials, technologies and techniques in the creation of art in a variety of forms;

  2. realise artefacts and forms of creative expression;

  3. develop and evaluate concepts and process by thinking creatively, critically and reflectively;

  4. work independently and collaboratively in a workshop environment in response to project demands; and

  5. apply workplace health and safety (WHS) regulations and principles within a workshop environment.

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This minor requires the completion of 24 units, which must include:

A maximum of 12 units of courses at 1000 level

A maximum of 12 units may come from completion of courses from the following list:

ARTV1020 Figure & Life

ARTV1021 Image and Object

ARTV1033 Hold Everything: Studio Foundation

ARTV1101 Ceramics: Introduction to Clay Forming and Technology

ARTV1102 Ceramics: Throwing & Surface Decoration

ARTV1103 Animation and Video: The Digital Workspace

ARTV1104 Animation and Video: Digital Equipment and Studios

ARTV1201 Furniture: Shape/Structure

ARTV1202 Furniture: Elevate/Surface

ARTV1301 Glass Hot Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice

ARTV1302 Glass Kiln Forming Introduction: Fundamentals for Contemporary Practice

ARTV1403 Jewellery & Object: Introduction to Precise Miniature Construction

ARTV1404 Jewellery & Object: Maker, Wearer, Viewer, User

ARTV1501 Painting: Introducing Painting

ARTV1502 Painting: Composition & Space

ARTV1601 Photomedia: Foundations of photography, printing and camera skills

ARTV1602 Photomedia: Colour Photography and Digital Skills

ARTV1703 Drawing into Print : Etching and Relief

ARTV1704 Drawing into Print: Screen Printing and Stencils

ARTV1803 Sculpture: Introduction to Conceptual Practices and Construction Methods (Metal and Fabric)

ARTV1804 Sculpture: Introduction to Temporal Practices and Construction Methods (Wood)

ARTV1901 Textiles: Dye and Surface Manipulation

ARTV1902 Textiles: Print and Surface Design

DESA1021 Precise Drawing and Model Making

A minimum of 12 units must come from completion of courses from the following list:

ARTV2057 Hands On: Material Language

ARTV2059 Introduction to Virtual Reality

ARTV2060 Contexts of Making: Globalisation and Change

ARTV2061 Contexts of Making: Materiality and Value

ARTV2117 Ceramics: Glaze & Colour Development

ARTV2119 Ceramics: Experimental Methods and Meanings

ARTV2120 Ceramics: Designing for the Table and Home

ARTV2124 Ceramics: Surface, Form and Connectivity

ARTV2125 Ceramics: Moulding, Casting & Digital Technologies

ARTV2206 Furniture: Bend/Curve

ARTV2207 Furniture: Support/Body

ARTV2208 Furniture: Contain/Display

ARTV2209 Furniture: Collect/Treasure

ARTV2313 Glass Kiln Casting for Contemporary Practice

ARTV2314 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Materiality and Form

ARTV2315 Glass Kiln Forming for Contemporary Practice

ARTV2316 Glass Blowing for Contemporary Practice: Utility and Narrative

ARTV2401 Jewellery & Object: Making with machines

ARTV2402 Jewellery & Object: Utility as Context

ARTV2410 Jewellery & Object: Experimenting with process

ARTV2421 Jewellery & Object: Hollow Construction

ARTV2506 Painting: Approaches to Abstraction

ARTV2507 Painting: Painting in the Photo Digital Age

ARTV2508 Painting: Taking Your Own Direction

ARTV2509 Painting: Approaches to Composition and Colour

ARTV2605 Photomedia: Advanced Principles in Exposure and Printing

ARTV2606 Photomedia: Digital Photography and Studio Lighting

ARTV2607 Photomedia: Large Format Photography

ARTV2608 Photomedia: Experimental Processes

ARTV2609 Animation and Video: Visual Storytelling

ARTV2610 Animation and Video: Character development

ARTV2613 Animation and Video: Landscape and Environment

ARTV2614 Animation and Video: Non-linear Forms

ARTV2615 Animation: Creative Possibilities

ARTV2617 Video: Creative Possibilities

ARTV2706 Printmedia and Drawing: Drawing Beyond the Line

ARTV2707 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Etching and Relief Printing

ARTV2708 Printmedia and Drawing: Construct Meaning with Drawing

ARTV2715 Printmedia and Drawing: Typography

ARTV2717 Printmedia and Drawing: The Book as Art

ARTV2723 Printmedia and Drawing: Extended Screen Printing

ARTV2727 Printmedia and Drawing: Lithography

ARTV2801 Socially Engaged Art Practice: Authorship, Dialogue and Community

ARTV2802 Politics of Memory: Video Installation, Sculpture, Documentary and Monuments

ARTV2810 Politics of Bodies: Sculpture, Figure Modelling, Performance and Choreography

ARTV2820 Politics of Spaces: Installation, Sculpture and Spatial Practice

ARTV2821 Posthuman Sculpture Practice with Active Materials: Bronze Casting, 3D Modelling and Bio Art

ARTV2830 Automation and Autonomy: Process, Accident, Sculpture

ARTV2906 Textiles: Approaches to Drawing for Craft and Design

ARTV2907 Textiles: Embroidery and Hand Stitch

ARTV2908 Textiles: Constructed Textiles

ARTV2909 Textiles: Maker to Market

ARTV2911 Textiles: Experimental Practices

ARTV2921 Environment Studio: field based research and studio practice in visual arts

ARTV3507 Painting: Open to Influence Studio Research

ARTV3508 Painting: Materiality and Meaning

ARTV3510 Painting: Critical Analysis and Reflection in the Studio

School of Art & Design studio courses have a limited enrolment capacity. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible to maximise the opportunity of securing a place.

Unless otherwise stated, a course used to satisfy the requirements of one list may not be double counted towards satisfying the requirements of another list.

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