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Master of Globalisation (Advanced)

A single two year graduate award offered by the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

  • Length 2 year full-time
  • Minimum 96 Units
  • Academic plan VGLOB
  • CRICOS code 082304E
  • Field of Education
    • Political Science and Policy S
  • Academic contact
  • Length 2 year full-time
  • Minimum 96 Units
  • Academic plan VGLOB
  • CRICOS code 082304E
  • Field of Education
    • Political Science and Policy S
  • Academic contact

Program Requirements

The Master of Globalisation (Advanced) requires completion of 96 units, which must consist of:

96 units must come from 6000-level, 7000-level and 8000-level courses

24 units from completion of the following introductory graduate globalisation courses:

ANTH6009    Culture and Development
ANTH6025    Gender and Cross-Cultural perspective
ANTH6515    Crossing Borders: Migration, Identity and Livelihood
ANTH6516    Violence and Terror
ARAB6510    Arab Current Affairs and Media Arabic
ARTH6082    Art, War and Conflict
ASIA6047    Human Security: Conflict, Displacement and Peace Building
ASIA6070    Democracy in Southeast Asia
ASIA6074    Popular Culture in East Asia
ASIA6085    Southeast Asia in World History
ASIA6101    Language in Asia (L)
ASIA6508    Popular Cultures in Indonesia
CRIM6009    Corruption in our World
CRIM6010    Cybercrime: An Introduction
ENGL6027    Empire and its Fictions
ENGN6516    World Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies
ENVS6013    Society and Environmental Change
ENVS6033    International Environmental Policy
ENVS6101    Environment and Society: Geography of Sustainability
ENVS6108    Sustainable Development
ENVS6307    Climate Change Science & Policy
ENVS6315    Essentials of Environmental Law
ENVS6528    Environmental Policy
ESEN6101    Extended University English
HIST6121    Electric Citizens: The Rise of the Modern Media in the United States, 1865 - 2000
HIST6133    Human Variations and Racism in Western Culture, C.1450-1950
HIST6136    The World at War: 1939 - 1945
HIST6214    The Great War: 1914-1919
HIST6237    Digital History, Digital Heritage
HIST6240    Democracy & Dissent: Europe since 1945
HUMN6001    Digital Humanities: Theories and Projects
HUMN6002    Gutenberg to Google: Histories of Information
LAWS8001    Introduction to Law, Governance and Development
LAWS8182    Principles of International Law
LAWS8189    Fundamentals of Environmental Law
LAWS8586    Law and Legal Institutions
LAWS8651    Fundamentals of Australian Migration Law
LING6002    Language and Society
LING6010    Sounds of the World's Languages: Phonetics and Phonology
LING6015    Language, Culture and Translation
LING6017    Chinese Linguistics
LING6021    Cross Cultural Communication
LING6022    Language Policy and Language Politics
LING6103    Language, Power, and Identity
MUSI6007    Music and Globalisation
MUSI6009    Music and Digital Media
PASI6001    Pacific Studies in a Globalizing World
POLS6100    The Politics of Empire
POLS6101    Refugee Politics: Displacement and Exclusion in the 20th & 21st Centuries
SOCY6045    Third World Development
VCPG6003    Leadership and Influence in a Complex World

12 units from completion of the following research methods courses:

SOCR8001    Statistics for Social Scientists
SOCR8002    Survey Data Analysis
SOCR8003    Qualitative Research Analysis
SOCR8006    Online Research Methods
SOCR8008    Qualitative Social Research
SOCR8009    Quantitative Social Research

12 units from completion of the following compulsory research project courses:

POLS8031    Globalisation: Theories, Issues, Debates
POLS8032    Globalisation: the Interaction of Politics and Economics

24 units from completion of courses from any of the following lists:

Business in a Globalising World
BUSI7001    Managing the Global Supply Chain
BUSI7020    The European Business System
BUSI7055    Asian Business Systems
BUSI7280    Managing in a Global Context
ECON8006    International Trade Theory
ECON8009    International Monetary Economics
FINM7045    Asian Capital Markets
FINM8017    Trading and Markets
MGMT7065    International Perspectives on Human Resource Management
MGMT7107    Managing Across Cultures
MKTG7035    Global Marketing
POGO8015    Foreign Direct Investment Policy
POGO8213    The Global Trading System

Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability
ANTH8060    Exploring Gender, Resources and the Environment
DEMO8088    Population, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
EMDV8001    Environmental Sustainability, Health and Development
EMDV8007    Environment Policy and Communications
EMDV8035    World Trade and the Environment
EMDV8080    International Climate Change Policy and Economics
EMDV8104    Environmental Governance
ENVS8003    Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptation
ENVS8013    Research in Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation
IDEC8053    Environmental Economics
INTR8028    Global Environmental Politics
LAWS8008    Climate Change and Displacement
LAWS8010    Environmental Protection and Human Rights
LAWS8111    Environmental Regulation
LAWS8278    Environmental Dispute Management
POPH8318    Human Health, Environment and Climate Change

ANTH8007    Key Concepts in Anthropology of Development
ANTH8009    Development in Practice
ANTH8038    Critical Issues in Gender and Development
ANTH8043    Conflict and Development in the Pacific
ANTH8058    Inequality and Development
ANTH8103    Contemporary Development Theory
ANTH8106    Gender, Violence and Development
ANTH8107    The World Bank and the Organisation of Development
DEMO8048    Gender and Population
ECON8049    Southeast Asian Economic Policy and Development
ECON8901    Advanced Topics in Poverty, Public Policy and Development
EMDV8013    Issues in Development and Environment
IDEC8003    Issues in Development Policy
IDEC8007    Aid and Development Policy
IDEC8022    Economic Development
IDEC8083    Financial Markets and Instruments
LAWS8006    Law and Development in the Contemporary South Pacific
LAWS8312    Land, Law and Development in Asia
MEAS8108    Issues of Development in the Middle East
POGO8003    Conflict and Development
POGO8051    Local Development and Governance in an Indigenous Context
POGO8072    Development Theories and Themes
POGO8095    Development Policy and Practice
POGO8110    Inter Governmental Relations and Local Economic Development

Global Culture & Communication
ANTH8018    Explanation and interpretation in the Analysis on Cultures
ARTV6008    Cyberculture
ASIA8037    Asia and the World
ASIA8051    Language and Power in Asia: Speech, Script and Society
HIST8015    Colonial Australia in an Imperial World
HUMN8008    World Rock Art: Global Perspectives on Rock Art Research
HUMN8019    World Heritage: Conserving Cultural Heritage Values
HUMN8028    Humanities in the Public and Digital Sphere
HUMN8029    Debates and Issue in the Humanities
INTR8051    Ethics and Culture in World Politics
LAWS8076    Digital Media and Communication Law and Practice
MEAS8121    Approaches to the Study of Modern Muslim Societies
MEAS8125    Islam and Modernity
POLS8003    Culture and Development in Latin America

Global Governance
ANTH8107    The World Bank and the Organisation of Development
CRWF8000    Government, Markets and Global Change
DIPL8001    Transnational Diplomacy
DIPL8002    Contemporary Challenges in Diplomacy
DIPL8003    Case Studies in Diplomacy
DIPL8006    Diplomacy in a Globalising World
DIPL8006    Diplomacy, Politics and the United Nations
DIPL8008    The United Nations and Peace
DIPL8010    Harnessing Diplomacy for International Development
INTR8045    Global Governance
INTR8070    International Organization
LAWS6224    International Law of the Sea
LAWS8023    International Law and the United Nations Peace Operations
LAWS8178    International Law and Use of Force
LAWS8229    International Law of World Trade
LAWS8264    International Law of the Environment
LAWS8578    Constitutionalism in the Global South
POGO8044    Global Social Policy
POGO8045    International Policy Making in the Shadow of the Future
POGO8115    Challenging the Global Food Trading Regime
POGO8219    Governing Urbanisation

Global Politics
ANIP6505    Australian National Internships B
ASIA6017    International Relations in Northeast Asia
IDEC8127    Modelling the Global Economy: techniques and policy implications
INTR8011    International Relations Theory
INTR8013    International Political Economy
INTR8036    World Politics
INTR8043    The Post-Colonial Pacific and Global Change
INTR8044    Global Civil Society and the Role of NGOs 1
INTR8046    The Evolution of the International System
INTR8055    Contemporary Issues in International Political Economy
INTR8059    Democracy in World Politics
INTR8060    China: Global Engagement and Domestic Transformation
INTR8066    Contemporary Issues in International Relations
INTR8074    Chinese Thinking on International Relations
LAWS8171    Kyoto Seminar: Japanese Law in the Global Era
LAWS8182    Principles of International Law
MEAS8102    Islamic Radicalism
MEAS8111    Islam, the West and International Terrorism
MEAS8115    Islam in World Politics
MEAS8116    Islam and Democracy
POGO8015    Foreign Direct Investment Policy
POGO8210    Case Studies in Economic Policy
POGO8211    China and the World

Global Security
INTR8022    Arms Control: Theory, Technology, Policy
INTR8022    Asia Pacific Security
INTR8032    Global Security
INTR8067    US Security Policy in the Asia Pacific
LAWS8035    Cyber Warfare Law
LAWS8179    International Security Law
LAWS8314    Post Conflict Situations and International Law
LAWS8566    International Criminal Law
MEAS8109    Energy and Security in Central Asia and the Caucasus
NSPO8001    Australia's National Security Community
NSPO8009    Cyber-Intelligence and Security
NSPO8013    Disease, Security and Biological Weapons
NSPO8015    Asian Regionalism and Security: Implications for Australia
NSPO8021    Statecraft and National Security in Cyberspace
POGO8076    Corruption and Anti-Corruption
POLS8021    Civilian Protection in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones
POLS8022    Norms & Ideas in International Security
POLS8024    Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies
POLS8027    Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
POLS8028    Post-Conflict Justice
POLS8030    Critical Concepts in Nuclear Politics
STST8013    China's Defence and Strategic Challenges
STST8015    The US and East Asian Security
STST8021    Intelligence and Security
STST8026    Nuclear Strategy in the Asian Century
STST8027    Insurgency & Counterinsurgency in an Age of Terror
STST8052    Strategy in Action: Orchestrating the Elements of National Power
STST8100    Australia's Strategic and Defence Policy

Human Rights, Human Security and Global Ethics
ANTH8054    Humanitarian Action (Advanced)
ANTH8056    Introduction to Humanitarian Action
ANTH8106    Gender, Violence and Development
ASIA8021    Human Rights in Asia and the Pacific
ASIA8048    Disasters and Epidemics in Asia and the Pacific
CHMD8006    Global Health and Development
EMDV8082    Food Wars: Food Security and Agricultural Policy
HIST8022    History, Human Rights, and Globalisation
HUMN8023    Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
INTR8020    The Responsibility to Protect    
INTR8053    Ethics of Peace and War
INTR8062    Humanitarianism in World Politics
INTR8073    Human Security
LAWS8003    Transnational Business and Human Rights
LAWS8066    Intersection of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law
LAWS8155    Human Rights Litigation
LAWS8234    International Human Rights Law
LAWS8237    Health Law and Bioethics
LAWS8254    Business, Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility
LAWS8268    International Humanitarian Law
LAWS8320    Critical Approaches to International Law
LAWS8582    Global Health Law
NSPO8014    Ethics and Technologies of War
NSPO8016    Governance, State Weakness and Human Security in Asia
POGO8029    Health Policy in a Globalising World
POGO8075    Disasters and Humanitarian Aid Policy Evaluation Issues
POLS8023    Human Rights in International Relations: Theory and Practice
POLS8035    Ethics and Politics
POLS8036    Human Rights and Human Responsibility
Indigenous Australia

ANTH6005    Traditional Australian Indigenous Cultures, Societies and Environment
ANTH6017    Culture, Social Justice and Aboriginal Society Today
ANTH8047    Land Rights and Resource Development
HIST6022    Indigenous Australian History
HIST8016    Settler Societies and Indigenous Encounters
INDG8001    Australian Indigenous Development
INDG8004    Australian Indigenous Policy
LAWS8583    Indigenous Peoples and International Law
ANTH8042    Migration, Refugees and Development
DEMO8047    International Migration
INTR8050    States, Globalisation and the Movement of Peoples
LAWS8008    Climate Change and Displacement
LAWS8170    Applied Migration Law
LAWS8252    International Refugee Law
LAWS8650    Applied Australian Migration Law and Practice
LAWS8653    Contemporary Issues in Migration Law

Regions and Regionalism
ASIA6030    History of the State System in Southeast Asia
ASIA8011    Rethinking Northeast Asia: Region, Culture and Society
ASIA8020    National and Transnational Histories in Asia and the Pacific
ASIA8040    Engaging Asia: Australia and the Asian Century
ASIA8049    International History from Asia and the Pacific: Framing Critical Perspectives
ASIA8513    China: The Big Questions
CRWF8015    China, India and the Future of Asia
EURO8003    The European Union: Regional Integration in Comparative Perspective\
INTR8040    Ethnicity and Conflict in Asia and the Pacific
INTR8058    Politics of Islam in Southeast Asia
LAWS8071    Law and Governance in sub-Saharan Africa
LAWS8239    The European Union
MEAS8100    Oil Religion Politics and Conflict in the Middle East
MEAS8103    Central Asia in Regional and Global Perspective
PASI8002    Pacific Foundations: From Maritime Societies to Global Cultures
POGO8114    Regional Trade Arrangements
POLS8026    Latin America's International Relations
POLS8029    Regional Integration in the Global Economy

24 units from completion of THES8103 Thesis

Unless otherwise stated, a course used to satisfy the requirements of one list may not be double counted towards satisfying the requirements of another list.


Study Options

Year 1 48 units Introductory Course 6 units Introductory Course 6 units Introductory Course 6 units Introductory Course 6 units
POLS8032 Globalisation: the Interaction of Economics and Politics 6 units Research Methods Course 6 units Disciplinary Course 6 units Disciplinary Course 6 units
Year 2 48 units POLS8031 Globalisation: Theories, Issues, Debates 6 units Research Methods Course 6 units Disciplinary Course 6 units Disciplinary Course 6 units
THES8103 Thesis 6 to 24 units - - -

Admission Requirements

By transfer from the Master of Globalisation with a minimum GPA of 6/7 as well as the approval of an identified supervisor for the research project/thesis.

If the total number of units attempted exceeds 72 in the same teaching period in which the 72nd unit is attempted, exactly 72 units will be used in the calculation of the weighted average mark with units from the course with the highest mark applied first followed by further units from courses in descending order of marks.

Students will be awarded up to 72 units of course credit for completed courses listed in this Masters (Advanced) degree.

Cognate Disciplines

Anthropology, Area Studies eg. Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Development Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, Governance, History, International Relations, Law, Philosophy, Politics, Public Administration, Public Policy, Social Research, Sociology, Strategic Studies.

English Language Requirements

All applicants must meet the University’s English Language Admission Requirements for Students.

Assessment of Qualifications

Unless otherwise indicated, ANU will accept all Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications or international equivalents that meet or exceed the published admission requirements of our programs, provided all other admission requirements are also met. Where an applicant has more than one completed tertiary qualification, ANU will base assessment on the qualification that best meets the admission requirements for the program. Find out more about the Australian Qualifications Framework:

ANU uses a 7-point Grade Point Average (GPA) scale. All qualifications submitted for admission at ANU will be converted to this common scale, which will determine if an applicant meets our published admission requirements. Find out more about how a 7-point GPA is calculated for Australian universities:

Unless otherwise indicated, where an applicant has more than one completed tertiary qualification, ANU will calculate the GPA for each qualification separately. ANU will base assessment on the best GPA of all completed tertiary qualifications of the same level or higher.


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How do you give your career an edge in an increasingly globalised world? You become an expert in globalisation itself.

The Master of Globalisation (Advanced) is the only degree in Australia focusing on the rapid pace of economic, cultural, political and social change in the world today and the challenges it brings.

The program is designed to meet your professional needs, with problem-based learning, research methods and tailored focus areas including business, security, development, environmental sustainability, culture, communications and regional implications.

Students enter the Master of Globalisation (Advanced) by transfer from the Master of Globalisation.

Career Options

Graduates from ANU have been rated as Australia's most employable graduates and among the most sought after by employers worldwide.

The latest Global Employability University Ranking, published by the Times Higher Education, rated ANU as Australia's top university for getting a job for the fourth year in a row.

Employment Opportunities

The Master of Globalisation will advance your career in multinational business, government, international organisations and non-government organisations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the skills and knowledge to:

  1. develop a theoretical and pragmatic understanding of globalisation, its complexities and issues;
  2. develop an appreciation of different disciplinary approaches to globalisation and what each offers to contemporary understanding of global politics;
  3. develop advanced analytical and research methods skills;
  4. attain highly developed oral and written communication skills.
  5. understand and critically engage with globalisation theories and debates
  6. independently engage in ethically-sound research;
  7. effectively present conceptual frameworks, methods and findings both orally and in writing.
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